Homophobia vs. Islamophobia: Who Will Win?

This article from The Gates of Vienna, and it cuts to the heart of so much of the issue. How leftism, and political correctness really are snakes that eat their own tails. People call Geert Wilders, “Far right wing” attempting to link him to Nazis and racists as popular myth makes them right wing somehow. But Geert has been vocally defending the rights of people like the ones in the article below, as well as many other minority groups who, up until the ascendancy of Islam in the Netherlands, nearly defined Dutch liberalism and now are in full retreat in some areas.

Eeyore for Vlad

The Netherlands has long been in the forefront of tolerance and support for the rights of gay people. With its institution of homosexual marriage and widespread public disapproval of gay-hatred, the Dutch have led the way for the rest of Western culture.

In recent years the cultural enrichment of major Dutch cities has caused an upsurge of violence against gays by Muslim immigrants. This trend — which has become too large to ignore completely — highlights one of the major contradictions of politically correct Multiculturalism.

According to Multiculturalism, the culture of “brown people” is above criticism. Any negative observation about their behavior is evidence of “xenophobia”, and also “Islamophobia” if they are Muslims.

According to Political Correctness, any hostility towards gays is evidence of “homophobia”.

So what happens when Muslims attack gays? Which doctrine holds the trump card?

Well, we all know the answer to that one by now — tolerance of Islam trumps everything else. Gay rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, the rights of Jews or Hindus — all are cast aside when they come into conflict with the accommodation of Islam.

Because of the cognitive dissonance induced by this contradiction, the issue of Muslim gay-hatred is generally ignored in the media. Stories of Muslim violence against homosexuals are excluded, or disguised by omitting a full description of the perpetrators. The problem is swept under the rug as much as possible.

Sometimes, however, the incidents become to egregious or too numerous to avoid, and pop up in the press. One such story was published today by NIS News:

Harassed Gay Couple Taking Police to Court

Utrecht — A homosexual couple is demanding damages from the government because the police allegedly refused to take action against Moroccan youths who systematically threatened them.

The men suffered multiple harassments. For example, their car windows were broken, ‘homo’ was scratched on the car and a brick and fireworks were thrown at their window. The couple made a police report for all these matters, but the police never took any action, says their lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz.

For the rest please click over to Gates of Vienna here:

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  1. This is an open and shut case or it should be. Government legally has no responsibility for your security.

    Also the police don’t seem to have enough evidence on the suspects.

  2. I am with the gays. I think Gays are going to have to get militant about this. Peter Tatchell where are you?

  3. The police should have done more, it was their duty to investigate the incident rather then just taking the Moslems word, especially since there had been prior reports of attacks of one type or another on the couple.

    FYI, the last time the homosexuals got militant they turned into the SS.

  4. Homophobia manifests in taking away individual rights. Astonishingly, hate crime against gays still exists here in Canada. Sadly, it has increased in many European countries and stats indicate it is on the rise here as well, but those stats may have been done by departments that support the hrc massively budgeted departments. But supposing they are accurate, and groups in the know say they are, and it is on the rise, is there a correlation between the rise in gay hate crime and the permanently brain damaged from malnutrition refugees, along with immigrants from rural areas with belief systems that are not compatible with the freedoms inherent in western democracies? Or is it just the angry red neck trailer park trash with the mentality of a single cell planeria, who feels a thrill to sadistically punish someone weaker. Fortunately, the extremist Christians who believe in the ‘sin’ concept, also have an over riding value of love thy neighbor, and most are raised in families that frown on saying or hurting other individuals. What is the correlation between vile gay hate crimes and the education or background of the perpetrators?

    Islamophobia, a colloquialism used for the sole intent of preventing all criticism about ancient practices carried out today or to prevent people like me from bad mouthing their puppet pedophilic prophets and gods. Being critical of these often barbaric and backward values and practices is not something to be shunned. But rather the very practices and beliefs of these archaic cults are what need to be shunned because they are incompatible with the way of life inherent in western democracies. Gender inequality, limits to free speech, and in many cases, physical aggression to stop dialogue, these are tactics that are islamofascist. The fact that blasphemy is even discussed today, 2011, is itself indicative of the backward thrust in societal thinking. People have a constitutional, charter right to be afraid and shun practices that are unconstitutional particularly in relation to the role of women, no matter what the religion or cult justification for these bizarre practices, including and I may as well vent this one too, making a pope a saint is high on my list of atrosities, considering he swept under the table thousands of crimes against children and made sure the priests who committed these crimes were never punished. Anyone who thinks this is ok is in my same basket of braindead not even human beings.
    We are now at a crucial time in our culture, thankfully some of the many issues that must be circumvented before they establish themselves in our way of thinking creating paradigms and ways of understanding that will thwart growth and put us on a road backward,

    Kudos to the couple who are taking legal action. We already have so many islamics in the police forces, perhaps we need more gays and the situation would be better balanced.

    Last year on the subway down by Queen Street, coming home about 9, the only one on the car, a queen type guy got on, rushing up the car to sit right beside me. The three Arabic looking guys following him, sat adjacent, glaring. The queen just started to chat up a storm, so I engaged him sensing his urgency and also was very aware of why he was doing what he was doing, the three guys glaring at him, and also at me, when I glanced up, their eyes and looks were very hostile and aggressive. I purposely took out my phone and kept it visible. We just chatted away, and the three guys who were after him decided against harassing him further, thinking he was with someone he knew, and got off before the Yonge Bloor intersection. A few stops up, he thanked me, telling me he was visiting from Kelowna, and seldom went out alone that late at night. He was one of the browns, but a mixture, anyway, irrelevant, but perhaps not if the arab guys thought he was Islamic that would be worse for him, but he went on his way assuring me he would be fine as he was heading home. The whole incident I related to a woman who is in touch with many organizations in Toronto, and her comment to me was that this type of intimidation, including hate crimes against gays was getting more prevalent, based on information from various projects that deal with these issues.

    If we keep up the fight, then hopefully both of these concepts will vanish in our free society, and people will focus on what really is a serious implication of immigration,
    islamofacism and the colonization and building of racial ‘enclaves’(cough, splutter, new politically correct term instead of ghetto, projects, no go areas) in our cities and greater problems for our western democracies.

    Both terms don’t belong in modern society, Islamofascism however…..

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