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4 Replies to “Frank Gaffney on Obama’s Israel policy”

  1. I applaud the very brave men who are standing up for what is right, but I am afraid they are too late to stop the major war that I see coming. The left has spent too much time and money stopping the west from doing what was necessary to stop the coming war, they will continue to hamper the efforts to stop the war.

  2. Richard

    The idiocy of our political elites have led us to such a pass that even if war could be avoided, the only way to save our civilisation is war. So I welcome war now, as that is the only way to neutralise the demographic threat from within.

  3. It boggles a non-American mind that the President elected by Americans is bent on destroying America. This is treason if it happens in my country.
    The Jews at AIPAC applauded BHO are departing from their own God and will perish
    if Israel goes !

  4. I agree with you DP, the only way to save civilization (if it can be saved) is a war.

    philipzhao a lot of people agree with you, the problem is how to remove him without hard evidence, his actions are being passed off as incompetence and no jury a fact he is counting on. No jury would convict on the evidence that is publicly known, all we can do is fight and hang on until a better President is sworn in.

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