The Undead London Mega-Mosque

Taken Verbatim from Gates of Vienna:


Mega-Mosque, LondonA few months ago it seemed that the local council in Newham had managed to kill the plans for London’s Mega-Mosque. However, government higher-ups have now overruled common sense and breathed new life into Tablighi Jamaat’s mega-project.

Alan Craig of Newham Concern just issued this press release about the newly-revenant mosque:

Tablighi Jamaat Islamists “may continue on Olympic mega-mosque site” rules government Planning Inspector

Successful appeal by fundamentalist sect “ominous, unjust and divisive” says opposition campaign

Today’s decision by a government Planning Inspector that separatist Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat may continue to use the current temporary mosque on the site of their proposed Olympic mega-mosque at West Ham has been roundly condemned by local opposition group Newham Concern who say that the decision will provide succour to Islamic radicals and will further boost the capital’s reputation as “Londonistan”.

“For years Tablighi Jamaat have deliberately flouted building regulations and planning laws,” said Alan Craig, Newham Concern’s campaign director and former leader of the Opposition on Newham Council. “After much delay and procrastination Newham Council at last took the right action and told them to move off site. But the Planning Inspector has overturned this and apparently decided that illegality pays and they can stay on site with temporary planning permission for a further two years.

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7 Replies to “The Undead London Mega-Mosque”

  1. It is hard to believe that at one time people considered Charles intelligent!

    The bureaucrats in all nations have a mentality that is often mistaken for treason, stupidity or insanity, in reality it is simply living in a portion of the world that is divorced from reality long enough to no longer recognize reality.

  2. Richard you said it. But do not forget the inbreeding. The royals are the in-breeders of the UK along with their pals the Muzzies, much loved especially by Charles who is a complete idiot.

  3. I hadn’t thought about that but you are right, at least Wills married a commoner who should bring some brains into the family.

  4. Not many days ago, my wife and I passed an newly-constructed mosque in the city near where we live. Our hackles went up.

    “There goes more territory.” was my first reaction. Hers, too.

    Will the west ever learn that mosques are symbols of conquered territory, just as if enemy troops were camped on their front door steps?

    This is no analogy, but the bare truth of mosques. They shelter the irregular troops of Islam and plan terrorist attacks from inside them.

    Stop Islam Now!

  5. A method that has proved itselfto stop the building of mosques is the burying of pork pieces in the ground, sullying it forever.
    In Spain:
    In France :
    Switzerland :
    Australia (not the effective way)
    In Italy, an MP from the Lega Nord walks a piglet on a field where a mosque is to be built
    Other unbearable Islamophobes have urinated on a Kuran or even burnt one:

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