New theme.

As part of the improvements we are making here at Vlad Tepes, I decided it was time to somehow make the videos actually fit the page so that you could see the last word or so at the right side of each subtitle. I lost the image at the top but am hoping that it can be restored soon enough. But at least now videos and photos can actually be seen all the way to the right side.

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

4 Replies to “New theme.”

  1. Dear vladtepesblog-team,
    I can’t thank you enough for your work. Since I first discovered your site in the beginning of this year, it’s become my most reliable source of information about world politics, and I’ve tried to recommend it to as many people as I could (although without much success, as we – human beings – usually want to distance ourselves from uncomfortable truth). The way your site submits materials on different issues is the most convincing, because people tend to rely most on what they see, not what they read.
    I would like to help you financially, but online payments are not possible from my side of the planet.

  2. I also would like to thank you guys for all the work you do.

    One small request though:
    Can you default “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”
    or give an option in our profile?

    I keep forgetting to hit the button.

    thanks guys

  3. Thank you DP111. I think I posted that excellent and important speech here to Vlad a few days ago when Kitman first posted it. It is important to watch it at least once and I wonder if we could get a few Christian Kosovars to speak on the topic as well.

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