The bravest man alive?

Check this out. A Brazilian Christian gets a vision about Islam, and goes to a huge service in Pakistan and starts to preach Gospel during a prayer session. This is a machine translation from French. Anyone who reads French please go here to the original site for a clearer understanding of what took place. Better translations always welcomed in the comments.


Pakistan: A Brazilian arrested for committing a blasphemous act in a mosque during Friday prayers

By tnr May 19, 2011


The mosque in question at the hour of prayer ….

rodrigo Islamabad – Rodrigo Moreto Cubek (photo), a young Brazilian lawyer in his thirties, was arrested last Friday after he shouted religious slogans Christians during weekly Muslim prayers in the biggest mosque in the country.

Dressed in traditional Pakistani clothes, he was among the crowd of believers and normally performed Muslim rites, but when the community was in the second rakat he stood up and shouted: “Long live Christianity” Long live the Virgin Mary “ and so on. As the ritual lasted nobody could stop him for not invalidate the prayers, but as soon as the imam had finished the prayer, security agents seized the mosque to surrender him to the municipal police.

He said he saw Christ in a dream and that he asked him to go to Pakistan to preach the gospel.
For the latest information the Pakistani justice system should require a medical examination and psychiatric and probably bring charges of “disturbing public order” to spare him the charge of “blasphemy” that would lead to the death penalty …


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