Chaos and throwing stones against policemen at the mosque demonstration

From a machine translation over at PI News. Another day in Malmo, Swedistan. Hopefully I will get a better clearer translation and explanation of events as the day goes on:


Note the two niqab-wrapped at the bottom of the frame at time code 00:40 to 00:44 sec. The next video is the front and tjaffsar with the police.

UPDATE The state is fairly quiet again. All demonstrations have also left the mosque area. But the police operation continues. The Left is “partying” as the state up to 18.00. Police said that there are concerns that they are being watched. None injured as PI know but a part Gothenburger threatened by the ghetto gangs and extreme left.

35 cared for disturbing the public order. Four arrested: Two of attempted violence against the officer, one for attempted aggravated assault and one of rioting.

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  1. Runner7500 I am afraid that this is just the beginning for massive riots and fighting through out all of Europe, and it will spread to the rest of the world.

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