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4 Replies to “Geert Wilders interviewed by PI-News”

  1. Geert will go down in history as one of the Wests greatest heroes, I hope his political career continues for a long time.

  2. I think Mr. Wilders has inspired quite a few others to take an interest in his cause, and to realize the reality of Islamization. It’s a pity the world seems to be divided so in their assessment of him. It seems he has an inordinate amount of critics who talk as if he is an awful and dangerous person. He has a lot of haters. They are ignorant of course, because once you find out what he’s really all about you know that he is a blessing in this world today. He speaks for many people who are frustrated over Islamic imposition but are afraid to say anything for fear of being stigmatized as a bigot or Islamophobe. He deserves to be called a hero. He’s sacrificed a lot to bring us the truth about an evil that hides under the banner of “God” , so he also deserves the support of those who appreciate his fight for freedom.

  3. Nancy he is dangerous, he believes in freedom and all freedom loving politicians are dangerous to the wanna be totalitarians.

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