Canada should demand the US go back to it’s 1812 borders.

A little known fact. The first war the US ‘lost’ was not Vietnam. Canada kicked the crap out of the US in 1812, taking territory right up to and including Washington D.C. where ‘we’ torched the White House itself, necessitating a white wash, and hence its new name, “The White House”. Of course the US re-established rational and defensible borders with Canada along the St. Laurence. However after Obama’s speech, I think perhaps Canadians should lobby the Harper Government to demand that the US go back to it’s 1812 borders and let Canada have control over Washington again. Tundra Tabloids makes a similar point about Mexico. How about it Obama? Since it is all just a matter of cartography right?

The White House might make a nice residence for the leader of the opposition after all.

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  1. While we are being so generous in rectifying the changes of history why don’t we just go back to the 100 million years BC borders and give everything back to the dinasaours.

  2. That’s funny to know, where are the canadians/mexicans blowing themselves up all over the place against the *occupation* ?

  3. I think Mexico would have a better chance, Canada is too much like the US for there to be much sympathy for returning the territory to you. By the way I think it was Britain rather then Canada that kicked our butts in 1812, and if you read General Giaps (sp?) autobiography you will find that he gives the American war protester the credit for winning the war for the North.

  4. It was Upper and Lower Canada, First Nations and British troops that kicked butts in 1812. We did manage to capture Detroit, but I don’t think we’d want it back considering we have Toronto to contend with. But I do think the White House would be a nice spot for Jack and Olivia providing of course it falls under the category of public housing.

  5. If going back to history could solve the world problems, the ” Americans” ought to board a time machine named ” Arab Winter” and go back to England. That’s Obama’s mindset !

  6. They want all Europeans to go back to Europe, not just America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also, as well as any Europeans in South America or on any other continent.

  7. So, lets get real, before long we will be divided into 10 regions around this plant according to contintants, there will be a peace, it will be a lie! It is all about GOD and Israel, Blessing & Curses! People in general are stone throwers and have done so since Cain slew Abel. There is no turning back the hands of time!

  8. Sheila you are making several mistakes here, 1) you are using common sense something the left never does. 2) you are mentioning God something that irritates the left. 3) you are acting as if the left has no sense.

    Keep up the good work, maybe some of them will have strokes.

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