Another large protest against a shoe store in Montreal that has a brand of Israeli shoes.

I simply have not had a chance to get this translated yet, but I will post portions of the email I got about this below which gives a pretty good idea. Should any French speakers out there care to do it, please feel free to translate this if you feel it is worth it and send it to me with approximate times for what is being said. email me at for details on how to do this.

From ‘The Bad Faun’ who sent me this:

Note the increasingly hysterical and extreme language of pro-Palestinians: the woman shouting says, among an avalanche of classic anti-Semitic invective, that “Israel is worse than Auschwitz and a giant extermination camp for Palestinians.” Those gathered were there at the instigation of Amir Khadir who just earlier that same day called Israeli Jews “racist terrorists who invented ethnic cleansing” and asked them to make Montreal free of Israeli products. Montreal is pretty scary but a month ago in Ottawa I was asked at my grocery store not to buy “apartheid hummus”, i.e. hummus made in Israel, by some smelly hobo. I wasn’t there to buy hummus but I told him to fuck off and bought 2 packages.

For more information please click here. (It will need to be translated from French)

Runner7500 was kind enough to send in this translation:

Here is a quick translation of the speech from that young woman in the street.

Today, the Palestinian People are rising.
Today, the Palestinian People are rising.
Today, the Palestinian People says it has enough to live fighting.
Millions of people live in a prison with no roof. They have had enough.
Today, the Palestinian People says no to apartheid.
The Palestinian People says apartheid is a cancer for all of humanity.
We should put this cancer, this apartheid in quarantine.
We should dis-invest against the Israeli State.
We should sanction apartheid of Israel.
Sanctions on Israel.


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8 Replies to “Another large protest against a shoe store in Montreal that has a brand of Israeli shoes.”

  1. Why don’t they go to Ottawa and protest in front of the Israel Ambassy?
    Because they are cowards. It is easier to take the fight where they will not be bother.
    Amir Khadir is a cretin of the lowest species. And this young woman talking is an immature person who has no idea of what she is talking about.

  2. The Moslems are afraid of anything that even hints of Israel, they know that they war failures and resent the fact that the Jews can make the desert bloom.

  3. Today, I bought a cream coming from Israel. A cream made with essential oil from an old recipe that will sooth the redness from eczema for my son. So far it seems to do wonders inlittle time. I would like those people come to my door to tell me I did wrong. No Arab country, to my knowledge, developped something good for humanity in the last 50 years. Isarael has a lot of Nobel Price recipients. Muslim countires, one or two. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be in Mtl. and will go buy something in that store just for the heck of it.

  4. Please give this information some publicity.
    “We’re talking 15 million unemployed and another seven million underemployed according to Roy Beck. All the while, Congress pumps a whopping 225,000 green card holders into our country every 30 days. If you only add 100,000 jobs per month, but you pump another 225,000 workers into the country every 30 days, tell me how we will ever reach full employment of Americans. Answer: we won’t!”
    There is more at:

  5. This is an insult to my heritage and an insult to all Canadians! We are angry and our government mocks us with appeasement for these assholes!

  6. Yes, when they began this protest campaign against this store I searched out the brand name and found a couple stores in Edmonton that sold them, excellent design, well made walking shoes, moderately priced, very comfortable, great competition for other brands
    Time again to write members of parliament regarding this type of targeting
    These groups tried the same thing with Mountain Coop to get their leftard leaning directors elected so they could target Israeli products

  7. Why target a shoe salesman in Montreal? Because in doing so, the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims can continue to deny the fact that their own sorry state of affairs in the middle east is of their own making. Always has been and always will be.

  8. This has to stop. Supporting Israel has never been more important than it is right now. This shoe store is going to close and the psychos protesting are going to be emboldened to ramp up their efforts elsewhere. The appeasement beast only grows when we allow it to feed on our weakest members.

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