Survivor of total horror

From Australia’s Daily Telegraph

SOMETIMES the most shocking adversity can lead a person to a bright new beginning. That is the case for Anna C, one of the victims of a spate of racist gang rapes that shocked Australia 11 years ago.

The gang rapists, Australian-born Lebanese Muslims roamed Sydney hunting for non-Muslim teenage girls they regarded as “Aussie sluts”.

Ms C was 18 when she was raped 25 times by as many as 14 men, including the notorious Skaf brothers Bilal, then 18 and Mohammed, 17 – in August, 2000.

She had been sitting on a train, dressed for a job interview in her best suit, reading The Great Gatsby, when she was approached by the youths.

They stole her mobile phone and lured her off the train, raped her in a toilet block and then drove her to a secluded park in Sydney’s southwestern suburbs.

There she was “passed from group to group to be abused, insulted and defiled,” as Justice Michael Finnane described it.

“It is hard to believe that young men brought up in modern Australia could behave so much like wild animals.”

Carloads of youths were summoned by mobile phone: “There’s a slut at Bankstown Trotting Club”.

During her six-hour ordeal, they called her an “Aussie pig”, asked if she liked “Leb c**k” and boasted: “I’m going to f*** you Leb style.”

She suffered every indignity, had a gun held to her head and, at the end, was hosed down like an animal.

“I looked in his eyes. I had never seen such indifference,” she told the court.

Ringleader Bilal Skaf was sentenced to 55 years jail, later reduced to 28 years.

It was the harshest sentence ever handed out for rape, reflecting the racist nature of the hate-crimes and Ms C’s extraordinary courage and credibility as a witness.

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7 Replies to “Survivor of total horror”

  1. why was it reduced from 55 to 28???
    Another example of the way of thinking of the islamists is the reporter who was publically raped
    Lets fund more of their schools so they can train their young in the way of islam, oh, and please more of these immigrants so we can allow them to influence and change our society to their charming ways

  2. Rape use to be considered murder of the soul, that was why it was a capital crime, life without parole would be a light sentence for the rapists.

  3. And the mufti of Melbourne, swine-faced taj el din al-hilaly, on a TV show posted here on Vlad Tepes quite some time ago, said on Egyptian TV that the victims of these muslim dirtbags had “arranged” to have sex with the “poor, innocent muslim boys later ‘unfairly’ accused of rape.” And, when confronted with that by one of the show staff members, rather than being kicked out of Australia or fed to Great Whites off the coast of Perth, al-hilaly got away with saying that its (not his) remarks had been “taken out of context™.”

  4. When security camera footage at his mosque caught him breaking in to his own building and then calling the police and reporting it as a hate crime, he also claimed the security cam footage had been taken out of context and then insisted it was a trick of the film somehow.

    He is a 2 trick pony. Lie and deny. Seems to be all he needs though for the moment.

  5. Eeyore: ‘He is a 2 trick pony. Lie and deny. Seems to be all he needs though for the moment.’

    Yes, for the moment.

  6. Shame he gets to suck off the system in jail probably with a TV, education, all the benefits. We are too soft. 25 years of hell on earth would be more just because this poor woman will be living it.

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