Australian blogger attempts to reason with leftists and supporters of Islam

Over the next 24 hours I will post a lot more on today’s first ‘ADL’ demo and our Australian correspondent will be posting as well. Meanwhile, here is a short video she took of one of the speakers at the event who was being shouted down by a chorus of the usual knuckle dragging, one note fascist ‘anti-fascists’.

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5 Replies to “Australian blogger attempts to reason with leftists and supporters of Islam”

  1. He is trying to use reason and facts to get the leftist to change their mind, they won’t but others who are watching may, I hope he keeps up the good work.

  2. Dear Richard:

    You can rest assured with the assistance of my good friends I will, and to paraphrase a great ancient Greek, ‘we will record many little fires that will save a great city.’

    And thank you very much for the hosting and kind words of encouragement, Vlad. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  3. You are welcome, as you keep up the good work know that you have the support of at least one former US Army Sargent.

  4. The man is a typical bigot. If you substituted the word “nigger” or “Jew” for “Muslim” is his tirade you’d recognise his bigotry immediately but because he’s attacking Muslims, you lot give him a free ride. Typical right-wing lunacy. “Our racism and bigotry is OK, your racism and bigotry is bad!”

  5. Dear “dev null”. Er, riiight. You projecteth too much. So excellent leftist logical fallacy there then. Five stars. Firstly, it’s interesting that only YOU have used the racist slang for blacks and obviously it’s quite comfortable for you. Secondly, I’m a very determined PRO ZIONIST and have thought of converting to Judaism.

    Thirdly, my wife is Japanese. My first wife was Jamaican French. Fourth, YOU are a”racist” as clearly everything for you is about race. Fifth, like all unread lazy stupid phony circus geek liars of the left, you neglected to focus on a single point where I am allegedly wrong or “racist!” etc, and gee, counter with a shred of your non-existent faux er, evidence.

    You are a twit. No, really. Colonel Neville.

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