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The past few days have been exceptionally busy for me. As you can see, Geert Wilders, Ezra Levant and Rabbi Jonathan Housman came to Ottawa to speak about Islam and freedom of speech. I had the rare chance to film the event as well as the interview posted here on Vlad already. (The original location was not able to handle the traffic so I reposted to Vimeo and now it should work fine if you are wanting to see the interview with Geert from May 10th)

I would like to thank KGS over at Tundra Tabloids who always selflessly picks up the slack for me without ever asking for anything and posting things to my site when I am frantic with other things like in this case, the Geert visit as well as still having to work an actual job to be able to afford to do this blog etc. So I am way behind in what I have wanted to post, as well as will continue to fall behind, as I managed to do a 2 camera shoot for Geert Wilders’ Ottawa speech, which means it should look good, but will need hours in the editing booth to make it look as good as it can. I hope to have it done sometime before midnight tonight EST)

Meanwhile, here are some of the stories that have been concerning me, and I simply have not had time to treat with the respect and importance they deserve.

Some local level of government in France has ‘outlawed’ the pig walk I was so looking forward to in France, where thousands of actual French people, now nearly illegal in France it would seem, were to walk down some of the streets illegally occupied by ‘praying’ Muslims wearing pig masks and perhaps even walking live pigs, both legal activities by the way while closing a piblic street and all the stores and homes every Friday afternoon for hours is not legal, yet it was the French people who planned the show of resistance that have been made illegal.

If anyone would care to translate this video with time stamps for me, I would be happy to subtitle it in English.

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This needs to be watched:

The Dumbing-Down of Due Diligence at Canada’s Huron College

For various reasons, some quite innocent, many Western universities are keen to establish Islamic Studies programs on their campuses. And for various other reasons, some quite pernicious, Islamist organizations are keen to see Islamic Studies programs established at Western universities. To this end, allegedly to foster “understanding” of Islam, the latter are eager to establish Islamic Studies programs with boodle of such heft and shininess that salivating committees tasked with the decision of whether to accept or refuse the gift throw caution to the winds. But closer inspection of certain controversial donor groups might suggest that their real agenda is twofold: Islamist colonization of the institution, and image-laundering.

One such potential scenario may be in progress at Huron University College, an affiliate of Canada’s prestigious University of Western Ontario (UWO). Huron offers undergrad degrees in a variety of majors, as well as post-baccalaureate and professional degree programs in theology. The College has recently accepted a $2 million endowment for a new Chair in Islamic Studies within the College’s historically Anglican Faculty of Theology.[1] Most of the money will be provided by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and the Virginia-based International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)[2]. The IIIT contribution amounts to around half the endowment.

On April 5, a group of twenty-six UWO “alumni, friends and faculty” signed a letter protesting acceptance of the endowment. The letter, addressed to Trish Fulton, the interim principal of Huron, was written by UWO Associate Professor of Economics John Palmer. Palmer begins by forthrightly setting out the group’s belief that “it is extremely ill-advised of the College to accept funding from any organization implicated in violent jihad.” These are strong words. But they are backed by strong arguments.

The letter points out that although MAC and IIIT pay lip service to the notion that they are moderate and democratic organizations, in both cases their approach is guided by “the approach of Imam Hassan Al-Banna [who] best exemplifies [a] balanced, comprehensive understanding of Islam.” Indeed, MAC boldly states as much on its website.

Hassan Al-Banna is the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB is universally acknowledged as the root of modern Arab-Muslim fundamentalism, and the source from which al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups draw their inspiration and validation. The MB’s motto is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qu’ran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” The captured 1991 Brotherhood strategic plan for Canada and the US declares:

The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process,’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [MB] must understand that their work in America is kind of a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house.

The letter to Fulton lays out the IIIT’s disturbing background in some detail:

Two examples of IIIT’s involvement with terror: In 2003, Shaykh Taha Jabir al-Alwani, a co-founder and former president of the IIIT, was cited as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the trial of Sami al-Arian, an Islamist activist who served a 57-month prison sentence in the United States for conspiring to channel funds to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a designated terrorist group in the United States and Canada. In pleading guilty, al-Arian admitted that he knew that the PIJ engaged in suicide bombings and other “horrific and deadly acts of violence” against the people of Israel.

Jamal Barzinji, founding member and current vice-President of the IIIT, has likewise been implicated in funding for terrorists. In a sworn affidavit filed in 2003, a senior special agent with the United States Customs Service testified: “I believe that Barzinji is not only closely associated with PIJ as evidenced by ties to Al-Arian…but also with HAMAS.

Please click the link for the whole article.


Meanwhile, Pajamas Media does its usual excellent job of reporting on the great Arab Spring which everyone else is missing. The rapid deterioration of Egypt into another Islamic state like Iran or Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Egypt: If A Country of 80 Million People Falls And The Media Is Deaf, Does Anyone Hear?

May 10, 2011 – 5:29 pm – by Barry Rubin
There are a lot of complaints about the mass media not reporting important developments. But what about when a major newspaper publishes a revelation of huge global importance and no one pays attention?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Amr Moussa, the most important and popular politician in Egypt and almost certain to be the next president, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to dominate the country’s parliament. This isn’t me saying this, it’s Amr Moussa:

It is inevitable that parliamentary elections in September will usher in a legislature led by a bloc of Islamists, with the Brotherhood at the forefront.

Might this not be a matter of importance for the U.S. government? Shouldn’t this be a lead story in every newspaper and on every television show? Why isn’t there a public debate about what the United States and European governments will do if (when?) this happens.

Please click the big link at the top for the whole story

Tommy Robinson, Leader of the EDL is back in court and some of his followers seem to have had an altercation with those who disagree with the EDL in front of the courtroom. This is the BBC though, so I would be very careful establishing a moral sense from this description.

Here is another story that needs careful scrutiny and attention and yet, will get none. Thanks to the ever watchful people at Blazing Cat Fur, who’s motto should be, “Doing for free what the Mainstream Media gets paid millions to avoid” this gem contains seeds of something very rotten in the state of Canada.

2 arrested at Halifax office in immigration fraud probe

By DAN ARSENAULT and JOHN McPHEE Staff Reporters
Wed, May 11 – 2:50 PM

A Canada Border Services agent looks out the door of 1461 Brenton St. in downtown Halifax on Wednesday as agency staff served search warrants on a business inside. (ERIC WYNNE / Staff)
A Canada Border Services agent looks out the door of 1461 Brenton St. in downtown Halifax on Wednesday as agency staff served search warrants on a business inside. (ERIC WYNNE / Staff)


Canadian border agents searched a Halifax business and several area homes Wednesday morning as part of a lengthy immigration fraud investigation.

Around 8 a.m., witnesses said, about 12 Canada Border Services Agency staff — including some in body armour — showed up at 1461 Brenton St. They also went to a number of homes in the area, according to CBSA spokeswoman Laurie Gillmore.

“Two arrests were made and it was part of the search warrant that took place,” she said Wednesday afternoon.

“The CBSA criminal investigations division has been working on this over the last eight months. It’s involving alleged violations of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act … including immigration fraud.”

Gillmore said no one had been charged by Wednesday afternoon.

A sign on the glass front door at 1461 Brenton St. advertises a business called Luxury Suites. CBSA investigators were later seen going in and out of the business, which operates out of a basement office there.

People who work at other businesses in the area said an immigration consulting company called Canada 2000 used to work out of the same office. A few years ago, they said, the signs for Canada 2000 were gone and replaced with new ones advertising the Luxury Suites business, but the same people appeared to be working there.

A search of Nova Scotia’s registry of joint stock companies reveals that Canada 2000 Immigration and Business Services Inc. still lists 1461 Brenton St. as its registered office.

The registered agent for Canada 2000 is listed as Ziad El Shurafa, who is also identified on the Luxury Suites listing.

The Canada 2000 website lists Ziad El-Shurafa as part of its team, along with six people in different Middle Eastern countries.

The website’s home page includes the following quote from Ziad El-Shurafa: “We have helped hundreds of people pursue their dreams to live, work and/or study in Canada since 1999!”

No charges had been laid by early Wednesday afternoon, Gillmore said, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

A former immigration consultant from Bedford was charged with 53 counts of immigration fraud in early March. In that case, Hassan Al-Awaid is alleged to have told his overseas clients to claim they were living in Canada and he helped reinforce their false claims.


A Powerful bomb rocks a popular restaurant in Malmo Sweden

Bomb rocks popular Malmö restaurant

Bomb rocks popular Malmö restaurant

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