New English Review: Set the BBC record straight on EDL related events.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BBC’s report of Tommy Robinson’s trial omits certain key details.

The BBC says –

A group of English Defence League supporters clashed with youths outside a magistrates court as their founder faced charges inside. EDL leader Stephen Lennon was attending West London Magistrates Court in Hammersmith. He was facing charges over an Armistice Day poppy-burning stunt by Islamic extremists. About 65 people were involved in the fracas. The Met’s Territorial Support Group made five arrests.

For ‘youths’ read ‘Muslim youths’ some of whom were way past the age of 21.
During the ‘fracas’ eye witnesses are reporting that a young woman was punched in the face by a muslim male; her nose may be broken and she may require stitches. The EDL members were then kettled in a pen.
They report that Emdadur Choudhury was fined £50 for burning a poppy on Armistance day but completely fail to mention that for trying to drag down the treasonable black flag of jihad that flew above the burning poppy Tommy was order to pay fines and costs of over £300. He and his wife work, of course; Choudhury is on benefits which we taxpayers provide.

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