Hey woulnd’t she look great in a burka! Muslims spray paint over add for ladies swimsuit

Censored! Bikini advert blacked out with spray paint by ‘Muslim extremists who object to women in swimsuits’

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:28 AM on 13th May 2011

    She is supposed to be advertising a sexy bikini.

    But instead the model on this poster, in Birmingham, has been defaced in an act of vandalism blamed on militant Muslims who were offended by her flesh.

    Similar acts of vandalism have been carried out in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. Police there also believe extremists are responsible.

    The advert, which promotes a £3.99 bikini top from high-street fashion retailer H&M, a scantily-dressed model stands on a sun-kissed, white sand beach.
    Covered up: The bikini model's body and face have been obscured by spray paint on this street in BirminghamCovered up: The bikini model’s body and face have been obscured by spray paint on this street in Birmingham

    The freestanding advertising unit, stands in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, which has a large Muslim population.

    Across the road from ‘Muslim Students House Masjeed’, an education centre, the poster is next to a busy main road.

    The fact that almost all of the model’s flesh has been covered has led local residents to speculate that the vandalism was not random, but a religiously-motivated targetted attack.

    Delivery driver Robert Tonkins, 45, said: “You see a lot of women wearing the hijab around here, and what’s been done to that poster looks very similar to it.

    ‘I don’t think it’s just kids messing around – they’ve spray-painted specific areas and covered up anything that might be offensive to very religious people.

    ‘It’s a bit worrying, I don’t think it’s up to other people to decide what can and can’t be displayed on our streets, especially because we’re a Christian country.’
    Multi-cultural: The area has a high Muslim populationMulti-cultural: The area has a high Muslim population

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1386364/Censored-Bikini-advert-blacked-spray-paint-Muslim-extremists-object-women-swimsuits.html#ixzz1MBwmbAMS

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    9 Replies to “Hey woulnd’t she look great in a burka! Muslims spray paint over add for ladies swimsuit”

    1. Worry not! The fashion industries are busying for Muslimized fashion-wear in full range including:
      And soon you’ll see the Muslima super models on the run-way !!

    2. Hope these companies will put pressure on the dhimmi governements to fix the situation. Our economy is at stake here.

    3. I know that road in the picture. It is Mosely road. It has no mosque. It does have some muslim centre operation but on that road their are two sikh (semi-vegan) temples. One is very close indeed to that sign. So much for a large muslim population. That road is called Mosely Road. There is a group of great people called Mosley Vegans. There are a lot of vegan animal right types there . In fact they have vegan cafe further up the road which I have been too but that is a good way off in the Kings Heath area. The whole are is mixed. There are lots of different types of people. The muzzies have done it for sure but that is idiotic of them. The area is too mixed for them to claim it is a fuzzie faced muzzie area. Muzzies often claim a country or an area is pure muzzie faced and black tented muslima heaven when in fact it is mixed in with the noble vegan and semi-vegan kuffars (plus all the others!). Talking of the others they have a buddhist retreat and publishing house not far from this picture. Still there are plenty of muzzies in the area too, but certainly not enough to start the sharia law enforcement. This looks like some kind of probe to see how far they can go. It is tentative. Looking to push the envelope because they can get away with it. Who know what they will try next time. Keep checking Vlad tepes blog.

    4. From what was covered with black spray paint I would say that it must be some sort of muzzie radical that did it. I say that because, while living and working in Saudi Arabia, the local book/video store had many covers of popular videos covered over in almost the same way – crudely, with a black ink permananent marker.
      Keep checking on this, please, Vlad Tepes blog, as I would like to see how the Police handle this sort of vandalism. If the person is caught – which I highly doubt – maybe a good expensive Court case (expensive to the perpetrator) by the Council, the Company that puts the Advertisement up, and the Company that sponsors and pays for the advertisement may be a good deterrent. Interesting how the practices in Saudi Arabia and similar muslim countries are now being foisted on the UK which is predominantly Christian.

    5. Well, based on what typically happens when a Muslim is caught doing something that requires a fine, I hope he gets the smallest fine possible. A disproportionate number of Muslims are on state benefits and the damn state pays the fine!

    6. Hey, wait there! I’m a Catholic and I find the public display of naked women in their underwear immodest and unacceptable also.

      Delivery driver Robert Tonkins, 45, said: … ‘It’s a bit worrying, I don’t think it’s up to other people to decide what can and can’t be displayed on our streets, especially because we’re a Christian country.’

      This is about the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever seen! And if the woman in question had no top (or bottom) at all? Or if she were fornicating with a man? Get real Delivery driver Robert Tonkin.

      If someone has the guts to deface a public poster they find objectionable good on ’em; as long as they are prepared to accept the punishment that that act will incur upon their being caught. It’s not a sin to remove what you honestly consider to be evil from the public square. In fact, you have a duty to work towards that result.

      It’s a cultural battlefield out there in the public space and all my life I have been bombarded with gross sexual imagery which I find extremely offensive. Not everything a Muslim believes is wrong.

      I have a profound hatred for the Islamic political ideology in the main but I also have a profound hatred of the secular ideology which results, through the objectification of women, the slaughter of millions of children by abortion.

      I believe that that woman should have been covered by spray paint but not her face. That’s the difference between Islam and Christianity. We love the person and hate the sin. Muslims by their behaviour show that they hate the person as well as the sin.

      If Muslims did this of course.

      I couldn’t care less if Muslims defaced every immodest poster on the planet.

    7. Ron:

      While I may or may not agree that there is too much appeal to sexual instincts in the public space, I cannot agree that the defacing of property in order to enforce religious law is acceptable even if I did agree with the results. I doubt you would agree with the killing of abortion doctors (granted this has happened 100X more often in movies and TV than in real life) even if you loath and despise abortion.

      While we all have a duty to make the world a better, more just place we have in democracy created the best ever so far, machinery for negotiating changes. Some religious nuts who are beginning the process of incrementalism if left unchecked will, as they are in France and Spain and elsewhere, then enforce more draconian precepts of Islam. This is a guarantee.

    8. Adam and Eve were naked. In islam Adam was giant from India. He reached the clouds. Eve was obviously covered in a burka. The nudity of adam and eve is something that is a fact in Christianity.. Nudity in islam is celbrated in the brothel in the sky which Allah loves so much. Van Wegan makes a good point which I am going to reference to the issue of celibacy. While reading a book on the Crucial topic of celibacy by a Hare Krishna author the author did make the point that India was more condusive to this as it was not so sexual. He was a western guy and thus moved to india. Interesting guy though I forget his name.

    9. Celibacy is the difficulty in the west but if one is not aiming for that why bother. Then the public space needs to reflect the culture of the day which is multi culteral white liberal. The idea of defacing a picture is certainly interesting as it is making a point; a muzzie point which George references with his real life experience about Saudi. I can not imagine any other group doing something like this. The animal rights groups might do it if a fur wearing person was featured. So my feeling is that the muzzie has done it as a probe to further sharia law. I can not imagine anyone else doing it. I suppose Van Grungy could have done it in theory as he is for it but apart from him I can not imagine anyone else but the Muzzie and his crew. In any case serious celibates would be the only ones objecting to this but then they can always move to india where the culture is less sexual which is a blessed thing to those who are involved in religions that promote celibacy such as hare krishna and catholic christianity.

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