Funding drive

Ladies and gentlemen.

As a consequence of the success of, I have had to move my server from the shared account that a good friend of Vlad was happy to provide as a sub-domain to his own, to a VPS, or virtual private server. This will allow more traffic and processes without interruption, as has happened several times now in the past month alone. So the good news is, that people are reading Vlad and hopefully becoming more aware of some of the problems that quite genuinely threaten Western Civilization as a whole, and the freedoms and Jeffersonian liberalism that has allowed our nations to become the most prosperous, free and healthy of all nations and for all of human history.

The bad news is, that I have now encountered an additional expense which is hard to bear. I work as much as I can to generate the revenue to allow me to do the editing, filming on occasion and whatever else I can do, but I am stretched now for both time and money. If anyone is able to help with an occasional donation to the site, now would be a great time to do it. The cost of hosting Vlad has now gone up over 10X from what it was yesterday.

This should mean faster and better service, and far fewer interruptions with the site being down every time it goes over X number of processes. But it also means a true burden to me.

Sorry to have to ask this. I have run this and all connected activity at my own expense so far for a few years now. But at this stage, it would be most helpful if a few of you could click the donate button at the top right on the site and help with what you feel you can.

Thank you for reading Vlad, and sorry to have to ask. It has been truly my pleasure to be able to do this work so far and cover it without asking for anything. Pride tastes bad when swallowed even with a decent Thai sauce.


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  1. I am honored to help out Eeyore. Wish I could do more but I am disabled and can just work part time. I am working under a possible lay off notice but hell, it could be much worse. I am blessed with what I have and am glad to share with you. Your cause and efforts must continue.

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