EDL: Standing Shoulder to Shoulder With Our American Cousins

Published on 10-05-2011 09:50  From the EDL website

EDL Ring of Steel to protect US Embassy from future protests

Last weekend was not the first time that radical Muslims have used the US Embassy as the scene for their vile protests.

In fact, the US Embassy in London has a long history of being greeted by protestors and malcontents – but it never faces so much venom as it does when supporters of radical Islam decide to exercise their freedom of speech.

Of course, the Danish Embassy was also a target for their rage after the Mohammed Cartoon controversy, but there will always be a special place for the US Embassy in the heart of your average radical Muslim.

A special place is also reserved for the American flag – the stars and stripes. A symbol of hope and unity for millions of people. A symbol of the American Dream – the belief that anyone has the potential to achieve, and that hard work can earn you a better life. The flag of our country’s closest ally, and firm friend.

Countless times, the flag of the United States of America has been burned and stamped upon in our nation’s capital. What sort of message does this send out, and what would our American cousins think of us if we were not appalled by these acts?

The burning of a Qur’an is a deliberately provocative and hateful act. But so too is the burning of the American flag. Why should we care less about the symbol of our ally’s sovereignty than we do the scripture of Islam?

Part of radical Islam’s quarrel with the US is, undoubtedly, based on what some may believe to be legitimate complaints about the conduct of the world’s only superpower. But it doesn’t explain the unbridled rage or the unrestrained hatred that emanates from these people, nor does it justify their repeated desecration of the American flag.

It also doesn’t account for their catchy placards, which do away with all subtlety (and concern for anti-incitement laws), to boldly declare that fellow Muslims should “slay those who insult Islam”, or wreak bloody vengeance on anyone who doesn’t quite see eye to eye with them on any matter – be it the depiction of Mohammed, or the glorification of terrorism.

Those who carry these placards are not simply Muslims looking to have a discussion about foreign policy, they are Muslims looking to declare their hatred of the West, and in particular, of the ‘Great Satan’ that lords over it. They are not only the cheerleaders of the enemy – they are the recruiters, the radicalisers, and in some cases the eventual foot-soldiers.

Of course, most British Muslims reject these calls, but that does very little to convince these fanatics that it is they who have misinterpreted their religion – especially when so few British Muslims will actually make their voices heard in opposition to those of the extremists.

That is why, the next time radical Muslims burn the flag of our closest ally, the EDL will be there. Again.

The next time radical Muslims plan to protest outside the US Embassy we will create a ring of steel around the outpost of our closest ally, in the hope that this example may spread across the world, to all cities where the symbols of freedom and democracy are burnt outside the embassies of the free world.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our American cousins against the threat of radical Islam. We will continue to expose an intolerant world view that breeds nothing but hatred and division. And, as we did on the occasion of the Royal Wedding, we will invite all decent, freedom-loving British Muslims to join with us, so that they can make clear their opposition to extremism.

It is only together that we can finally defeat radical Islam. And that vital unity cannot be achieved whilst the stars and stripes still burns in our streets.

To all our American friends – thank you for your continued support.

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