Seven suspected Islamists arrested in raids near Paris

From France 24:
Seven suspected Islamists arrested in raids near Paris

France’s internal intelligence service directed security forces to arrest seven suspected Islamists in raids on Tuesday in Garges-les-Gonesse and in Stains, where house-to-house searches are continuing, police sources said.
By News Wires (text)

AFP – French security forces arrested seven suspected Islamists during a series of raids in the Paris region on Tuesday, police sources said.

The arrests were made in the capital and two towns to the north: Stains, where house-to-house searches were continuing, and in Garges-les-Gonesse, they said, without stating the reason for the operation.

The police action was directed by the internal intelligence service.

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  1. They have probably received information about the retaliatory attacks that al Qaeda is promising. Is it the supposed nuclear weapons? I don’t know and we probably never will know but I am more worried about biowar then nuclear war.

  2. The Islamic Jihadi army in France is around 10% of the population, and growing by the minute. They don’t need biological or nuclear weapons. Such an act will destroy future dhimmi slaves or infrastructure, which Islam needs in its bid for world conquest.

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