Geert Wilders on CFRA, and in Toronto radio May 9th 2011


Also, via Blazing Cat Fur, here is Geert on Toronto radio

Apparently he was on Ezra over at SUN TV. Will try and find the video. Im willing to bet odds that SDAMATT has it. Will go get it ASAP

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  1. You pretty much get the full-meal-deal with Geert Wilders, don’t you? That’s a real live hero – the little boy with his finger in the dike. I think that any moral person, once they have seen Islam for what it is, is pretty much honor-bound to at least try to warn people about it, damaging to one’s reputation as that can be. Geert has gone far beyond the call of duty on this; he’s taking a huge risk. But judging from the audience response in the video, I’d say those people already know most of what he was saying, which would not have been the case a few years ago. May God bless Geert Wilders; I can’t imagine whom the radical Imams might hate more.

  2. I love this guy. He says it straight. However, where were the white MC/PC crowd along with their brown handlers from Islam to shout him down. Maybe they were having a day off. I thought the Jihad and Culteral Marxist assault on free societies never rests. Apparantly I was wrong. Today they were as quiet as could be.

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