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4 Replies to “Australian ‘Anjem’ offends for free!”

  1. This guy has NO common sense. If there are truly any “peaceful” muzzies out there in the world, they should distance themselves as far as possible from this waste of human flesh.

  2. There is something very good about this guy and that is that he is white. I can say that I don’t like him or his message and nobody can call me a racist. Educated white liberals are utterly defenseless in the face of a little brown man in a funny hat, but this guy might not receive the same get-out-of-criticism-free card that the brown-of-skin seem to get. I can only hope that some educated white liberals listen to him long enough to begin to get some understanding of the dangers of Islam without getting brown-man-hypnotized like a Deepak Choprah audience in full gush.
    al-Awlaki, the al-Quada heir-apparent, while not white, does speak with an American accent. I’m hoping that his un-accented voice might have the same effect on the educated white liberal. The EWLs hold the power; when they turned on Hitler, even the Fuhrer himself was powerless to defeat the Allies.

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