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2 Replies to “Randy Hillier pulls off genuine miracle”

  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. These marxist totalitarians are so disgusting, feeling it’s their birthright to control every aspect of everyone else’s lives. They do have a mental disorder – all of them! They don’t just have ambitions on controlling every aspect of public life, no, they feel it’s their disgusting right to extend their control into our homes, into our beds, and even into our heads.

    They – no one else (except for their homies: the islamic terrorists) – are the most crazy and fanatic religious freaks in the world. Even though they have nothing but distempt and vomit, for ordinary peaceful christians.

    I’m beginning to feel, more and more everyday, that this is a f*ing fight for our basic freedoms. They won’t rest anywhere and feel it’s enough. It’s just one thing after the other… I’m not saying this clip was anything in particular, but collectivly, there is just too much totalitarian PC -madness in this world. And i’m sad that it doesn’t seem particulary less so in Canada. It would have felt better if it was more restrained to Sweden, this little parody of democracy up in the north, who likes to pride it self with a lie image of what kind of country this really is.

    Sad to see your (are you several people?) departure from YouTube too, but this blog actually is even better once i started reading it yesterday.

    BTW i have alot of free time over, i’ll design some images for your blog that you can use if you like it. As i promised somewhere around the birth of christ đŸ™‚

  2. ToblerĂ¥na Sahliv Very good, you have learned what the goal of the far left really is. This war is not just about our freedoms, it is about the survival of all free nations and western culture.

    Eeyore he must sneak some real food sometime, but it sure turns to bull once it is in him.

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