Over 50 people taken from intercity bus, tortured, forced to torture each other, then killed for fun.

Dunno if this has anything to do with Islam or not other than the well established connection between Hizb’allah and Mexican drug cartels, but this story seems too important not to post anyway. Mexican drug gangs stopped a bus, took everyone off of it, played ‘jigsaw’ like games with the frightened passengers then killed most and let the most vicious ones live. This is what happens to failing states. I have this story thanks to a good friend of mine who follows the Mexican news in Spanish and this is the first English article on it he could find for me, but he tells me this story is far worse than is written here. For one thing, the bus company decided not to tell people what happened at first, as they thought it would expose them in some litigious way.

I will post more on this as I get it. Meanwhile, from KWCH.COM:

Mexican officials find 59 bodies in mass graves

Officials investigating the kidnapping last month of bus passengers find the bodies in eight graves in Tamaulipas; it is not clear whether they were among those seized. Five captives are rescued and 11 suspects arrested.


Reporting from Mexico City—

More than 50 bodies were found in mass graves Wednesday in the same area of northern Mexico where 72 migrants were massacred last year, authorities said.

Officials in the state of Tamaulipas said they found 59 bodies in eight graves during an investigation of the March 25 abduction of a busload of passengers. One of the graves had 43 corpses.

A statement from the Tamaulipas prosecutor’s office said a joint state and federal investigation led to the arrests of 11 suspects and the rescue of five captives. It did not give the identities of the suspects or of those rescued.

Officials said they were seeking to identify the dead to determine whether they were among those seized from the bus.

Tamaulipas Gov. Egidio Torre Cantu “energetically condemned” the crimes and vowed to work closely with federal authorities, the statement said.

The bodies were found in San Fernando, a rural county in Tamaulipas. Dozens of U.S.-bound migrants from Central and South America were found shot to death in August on a ranch in Tamaulipas about 90 miles from the Texas border.

Mexican authorities said those migrants were killed by members of the Zetas drug trafficking gang, which is based in Tamaulipas and has branched into migrant-trafficking, extortion and kidnapping. Officials said the migrants apparently were killed after refusing to go to work for the gang, one of the most violent in Mexico.

Migrants traversing Mexico on their way to the United States are often targets of robbery and extortion attempts.

The Zetas once served as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel, but the group has been at war with its former allies for more than a year, terrifying residents across the border state and leaving scores of gunmen dead.

Numerous mass graves have been found across Mexico as drug gangs have battled each other and fought government forces sent to pursue them under President Felipe Calderon’s 4-year-old crackdown on traffickers.

More than 35,000 people have died since the start of the anti-crime offensive in late 2006, mostly because of turf feuds between drug-trafficking groups.

Tamaulipas, which hugs the Texas border and the Gulf of Mexico, has become an emblem of the reign of fear gripping many parts of the country. The governor’s brother, Rodolfo Torre Cantu, was assassinated last year only days before he was expected to win the gubernatorial election. Egidio Torre Cantu was chosen to take his place.


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  1. Over 35,000 dead since the anti-crime offensive of 2006 began? Yet we somehow have a mandate to go into Libya with our military forces and interfere there where maybe under 500 civilians have died so far? Does anyone see the blatant hypocrisy here? So what does our Federal Government do? They make sure they arm these drug organizations with plenty of weapons through Project Gunrunner. The Hezbollah Leader Arrested in Tijuana, Mexico last year should give you an idea where these drug gangs get some of their financing and taxtics from.

  2. Many gang members in prison are found to have tattoos written in Farsi, which is indicative of an Iranian influence. Iran’s proxy army is Hezbollah, a Shi’a Muslim militant movement formed at the time of the Iranian Revolution under the auspices of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. There is now an increasing number of ‘Other the Mexican’ (OTM) illegal aliens being intercepted at America’s border with Mexico that includes Chinese and Muslim nations of the Middle East. Something evil, this way comes…

  3. I just realise something: Europe and North America might be under threat from Islam and leftism; but unlike South America we do have a single unified liberal culture.

    Europe is culturally united; we are all liberals, christians are liberals, socialists are liberals and capitalists are liberals and that allows use to work as a single mind to ban Halal, honor killings, burka’s and terrorist groups in the name of liberalism, even if this liberalism is sometimes classical, social or christian.

    South America on the other hand is not united: Besides the liberal elements we find different religious and ideological movements all competing against eachother, most of these are fundamentalists and militant: Movements like communism, conservatism, nationalism, evangelism, catholicism and indian rights movements; to name just a few.

    Islam would just be another fundamentalist and militant groups that would infiltrate South America the way communism and evangelism have infiltrated this society before and it can attract people, unlike in Europe where all Muslim converts are fringe elements of whom the majority leave and the rest are mentally unstable.

    It is a very sad fact that this continent will be plunged into war and chaos for decades to come with different ideological groups fighting against eachother.

  4. Ahcim I don’t like to disagree but you are confusing classical liberalism with modern liberalism, the two are very different, classicla liberalism was very much in favor of individual liberty and rights while modern liberalism is in favor of group rights and no individual liberty. This is why the modern liberals and the Moslems get along so well, both groups want total control over all aspects of our lives.

  5. I am an European, when i use the term social-liberalism i don’t mean leftism: Geert Wilders is a social-liberal. You should have understood this when i made a distinction between liberalism and communism.

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