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14 Replies to “Lara Logan speaks on her gang rape by 200 Muslims in Cairo”

  1. Cultural relativism was so promoted in the 70;s and on, that it became an accepted paradigm fromk which to view the world, the dingbats who led thinking people on this destructive detour created within the systems of europe and NAmerica, all the necessary structures to program the masses so that this paradigm manifested in such things as ‘tolerance, appeasing, human rights commissions, even the changing of Canadas constitutionj, All cultures are not equal

  2. At last, MSM is doing some real reporting again.

    What she went through is what most women from the west might go through when visiting Muslim countries o Muslim neighborhoods in the west. Think of Malmo Sweden and the no-go zones in Brussels for an idea of what I mean.

    Islam allows men to let their libidos run wild in the presence of “immodest” women. In other words, they are trained to think that women who go about with their faces uncovered are “asking for it”.

    And people will still think that Islam is a religion…

    May the west prevail.

  3. I thought I was going to hear a highly spun, toned down, politically correct, Obama-style accounting of the attack, but no; Lara’s account is incredibly brave in it’s straight-forwardness and honesty. I am getting so sick of the media treating me like an 8-year-old and then acting as if they are doing me a favour by sparing my “sensibilities”. Thank you Lara; you are a great journalist. I believe I now know what happened.

  4. It’s just too bad that there is no mention of “muslim” or “islam” in her words, in connection with what happened… Especially when her story, at that point about the inbred maggots’ attempts to tear her into pieces, sounds so much like that of the nazistinian arabs which (not who) disemboweled two Israelis about a decade ago.

  5. When she says they raped her with their hands, I believe she is in conscious or unconscious denial. The reality is too horrible for her to repeat or even acknowledge. I’ve read numerous instances of Muslim women being gang raped in public spaces in Egypt and not with hands. And these instances are not stopped by police even if they observe it. And those women are covered up.
    Google: eid cairo rape

  6. It does seem unlikely that she was raped by hands only, but she is understandably in denial. After all she was a good politically correct left wing reporter who thought all cultures are equal, she has learned different but either she refuses to accept the full lesson or CBS refused to broadcast the full facts.

    I think that some where during the seventh minute of the interview she admitted that she was raped with more then hands, but I could be mistaken. However I do doubt that it was women that saved her, that crowd would have killed any group of women interfering with them.

  7. The reality is apparently that she was raped vaginally and anally by over 40 people as well as with objects. I think there are many reasons why she chose not to tell the whole truth and dumb this horror down for a mass audience. It could be she was made to by 60 minutes, or it could be that she didn’t want to for reasons all of us can understand.

    The rumour is there are videos out there taken by the people present and there are other witness accounts far more substantial and horrifying than hers.

    I think it would be a public service in this case for her to tell the whole truth. But I can certainly understand her desire not to, if indeed that is the reason she did not.

  8. So it’s probably even worse than what she said? That is so bad; I feel for the girl. These characters just never falter in their ability to disgust me.

  9. Very sad, and the videos are sure to surface on some Moslem site on the net, or on a DVD in the near future. I agree she should come clean, it will help her come to terms with what happened, it is going to take her years to return to something like normal.

  10. they were just getting revenge for all those muslims that Vlad raped with sticks in the name of Jesus.

  11. Bigass: If you are being serious, and its possible you are, perhaps you can answer a question for me. Why is it leftists seem incapable of differentiating between a defensive military action and an offensive one. In other words, why do you think Vlad Tepes “raped Muslims with sticks” was worthy of revenge by Muslims when in fact he was doing so defending his country and culture and people from exceptionally vicious and hostile Muslim invaders. So how is it you feel these acts are equivalent morally?

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