Dr. Trifkovic Interviewed on Russian TV

This is a stellar and accurate analysis of the facts of about 50 years of geopolitical history involving both Soviet and American use of jihadis as weapons against cold war adversaries and its relationship to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Trifkovic manages to say a great deal in just under five minutes.

Then, on the other hand, Russia TV gives us this.

So what can ya say. But the Trifkovic analysis really is brilliant and I have studied the history of US and Russian use of Muslim terrorists as cold war weapons and it is as accurate as one can be on the subject in five minutes or less.

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  1. I viewed the video and did not think there was anything stellar or new about the analysis. You may have thought it was good because he repeats what we know already.

    Trifkovic suggests that Bin Laden was shot because he would reveal that the US and England were using Mujahadin as proxy soldiers against Russia. BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ALREADY. There have been zillions of articles, segments and shows about it. The Movie Charlie Wilson’s War was about that. Some expert.

    He does not make any new or interesting points. His last points about how this will make things worse are really points the interviewer wanted to make and guided him into.

    The announcers don’t wear FSB pins on their lapels but the people who are paying them sure do.

    Russia Today is a Russian propoganda organ. They produce anti western stories intended to undermine western citizens confidence in their governments. Whether the content is true or not is immaterial once you consider its purpose but I have seen more then one convenient innacuracy or omission slipped into a RT piece.

    Have you ever seen a RT piece that is critical of Russian leadership or the FSB the way they are critical of western institutions?

    I reccomend you view RT stories with a far more critical an eye than stories from other news sources, especially if you have patriotic feelings for your home country.

  2. To jjk999:
    You wrote:
    “Have you ever seen a RT piece that is critical of Russian leadership or the FSB the way they are critical of western institutions?”
    Couldn’t agree more with this quote and the most of what you wrote in your comment. RT was planned as a Russian propaganda organ from the beginning, its mission was to improve the rapidly deteriorating image of Russia in the world. Russian media wrote about that openly.
    However, even the brocken clock shows the right time twice a day. So when they give the air to somebody critical about Western institutions (something they do most enthusiastically, in order to prove that the West isn’t such a paradise as our Russian liberals like to portray it) you must check the credibility of this particular person, not this particular TV-channel.
    No, not everybody. I didn’t. Most average people are not interested in politics. I only started to make my own research on this issue after the failed Stockholm attack last year, for personal reasons. I hadn’t got a clue what Islam is about before (result of watching CNN, BBC and politically correct German TV-channels plus reading “most popular” section in USA today )

  3. I’ve been wondering why counter-jihad sites rely on RT as well. Al Jazeera, the favored news source of the current American administration – and RT are hardly the sources I would look to for analysis of any news.

  4. RT is the equivalent to the ‘Ministry of Truth and Propaganda’ in the USA , AKA the MSM allied with ABC,NBC,CBS, etc. , they never criticize the administration or any of it’s agencies. They sugar coat every report and leave out ‘unimportant’ facts.

  5. On the subject of the death of UBL , it is most convenient as it has been reported various Islamic groups were used by both sides during the cold war. Large quantities of cash flowed into the Balkans and Afghanistan to supposedly fight the Soviet Empire, however a vast network of radical Islamists grew from that policy, We in the West have again built an enemy who will confront us for a long time. With UBL gone many in past administrations in the US are breathing easier, dead men tell no tales.

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