Interesting analysis of terrorist deaths in Europe and North America

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This is the blog post that has taken me the longest to write. I went through every single terrorist attack in Europe and North America in the comprehensive RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents for the last 10 years (close to 4000 incidents). Terrorists were divided between Muslims or non-Muslims. When RAND does not provide information on likely or confirmed perpetrators and we have no strong suspicions, I assume they were non-Muslim, to err on the side of caution.

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  1. If the term “Muslim” in this report would be replaced with any of the following: Nazi, Fascist, Communist, or Anarchist during previous eras, you can bet that the response by the west to these acts of war would have been very different. And more effective. And more likely to understand the ideology behind them.

    It is only through an accident of geography that much of the Muslim world sits on vast reserves of oil and gas which the world needs to operate the global economy. Had it not been so, Muslim nations who are members of OPEC would not be able to fund the terrorists as they have over the past three to four decades. Had it not been so, terrorism would not be so prevalent around the world, nor so effective in causing the west to surrender.

    Too bad the leaders of the western and free world do not understand their history nor the very ideas that have shaped our civilization.

  2. They are all products of the modern educational system that says that we have broken the cycle of history and don’t need to study the facts and mistakes of history. The left is sure that this time they will make Marxism work.

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