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4 Replies to “French TV reports on Hamas-Fatah division in killing of Bin Laden”

  1. DP11 Obama is not indecisive, he just is manipulating things to advance the cause of the soft jihad. Pro-Western actions are just illusions to keep the American Center-Left believing that he is on the side of the United States.

  2. I agree with you Dallas, I think he took the 16 hours that the Daily Mail said he took to figure out the best way to use this to his advantage, Limbaugh is saying that Obama is refusing to release the pictures so people will talk about them and not about the economy, the lack of jobs or the price of gas. Obama is nasty enough to do all of the above.

  3. Dallas

    I think you too much on the intellect of Obama. He has drifted through life, nor shown any great powers to think academically or strategically . By a chance of his colour combination, luck, and American guilt for some obscure reason, he has become president.

    Reports also seem to indicate that Obama’s heart was never in OKaying this op. It went ahead nevertheless, and now he is claiming credit.

    Lets hope that the US does not fall for this charade again.

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