Bell Canada uses CRTC proceedure to cheat Canadians of alternate voices

This story is complex and subtle, especially if you do not live in Canada.

Here in the true north strong and… OK we are neither strong or free, but here’s hoping, we have an agency called the CRTC which grants licences on Frequencies, itself a preposterous notion as there is no limit to available Hz. Now with this power, and the fact that the CRTC mandates what all Canadians HAVE to get with a cable package, that the CBC, a fairly biased left wing opinion manufacturing machine to the tune of 1.1 BILLION dollars a year, (yes a Carl Sagan Billion with a capitol B) of government money and various other networks all of whom are dependant in one way or another on their relationship with government, either through direct funding like the aforementioned CBC, or through regulations which guarantee market share like the CTV.

The new non-leftist and conservative friendly SUN Media TV network has now been dropped by Bell, one of Canada’s largest cable suppliers and that is because they are refusing to pay SUN for the signal. Meanwhile, other networks have to be provided through Bell by law.

Here is Ezra Levant on this matter.

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3 Replies to “Bell Canada uses CRTC proceedure to cheat Canadians of alternate voices”

  1. craig oliver creates such an incideious aura that whenever he speaks I turn the channel, and no doubt so do so manyothers, the reason these channels are fighting for an audience is because of all the old stuffed crows and bags that are the talking heads, people see them and switch channels, perticularly young people,
    they offer nothing
    in this information age, when people can get what they want in internet, youtube, news pages, there has to be entertaining reasons to watch, or reasonable truthful explainations of what is really gohoing on in the news, the facts, not the opinions of these not really very bright television cultivated news people, cbc and their ususal crap is never watched, but how woyulod anyone ever know, corrupt, they alter their statistics for their funding purposes, that is why they have so many possible channels, looks better when they add them all together to pretend they have a larger viewing population than they do,
    Go Ezra, Go Sun,

  2. Government is like fire, keep it small and weak and it is a good servant, let it get big and powerful and it makes a bad master.

    That is a paraphrasing of H. Beam Piper, I don’t remember which book and it isn’t a direct quote but the spirit of what he was saying is there.

  3. What Ezra won’t tell you is that Bell would be happy to carry the channel if their pricing was in line with the quality of programming and audience that Sun delivers – that is to say, low.

    With Sun News pulling in only a few thousand viewers at any given time, it is fully Bell’s right to say that what they’re charging is too expensive. Tell Quebecor to drop the price and maybe Bell will let them in the door.

    Free markets, can’t live with ’em, can’t whine about them while dressed like a transvestite like Ezra.

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