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  1. Our tiptoeing around Moslem sensitivities is making them bolder, we should have gone in hard fast and nasty and not worried about hurting peoples feelings. Instead we decides to go nation building and are doing everything wrong, the supposed compassion is making the war longer and bloodier they it had to be.

  2. Here is a deep paradox.

    According to common western traditions and values, military funerals are reserved for enemy combatants only if the leaders think they are worthy of it. Yet, the US thought so highly of this terrorist that the CiC (and his representatives on down the line) ordered a full, Islamic-style military burial at sea.

    I would have understood had this man been the commander of a navy ship or had he been an enlisted man or even a volunteer in the regular forces, but a terrorist?

    He was a criminal mastermind, bent on destroying the very people who “honoured” him with this funeral.

    He did not deserve any honours except to meet his “maker” in hell.

    This might be serious dhimmitude and bowing to Islam at a very deep level.

    It is telling the world that Bin Laden and his ilk are now regarded by the US DoD as equals to regular troops in a “legitimate” war.

    But the signal is terribly mixed.

    On the one hand, if you tell the enemy that his terrorists are equal to regular forces, are you really acknowledging that an open war is now “on”? On the other, are you also then admitting that this is a war with political aims and not religious ones and that terrorism is one tactic in this war?

    If those are the reasons why he was given a burial at sea (which the navy would have done with regular high-ranking combatants killed in action) then I applaud what they did. For it gives the west one more reason to take on Islam wherever it exists.

    If this is the unofficial/official “green light” to take on Muslim terrorists using more conventional means, then I am all for any planned military invasion of those lands which support them.

    Yet, if this is truly dhimmitude, then it means that Islam has won the war on an ideological level, meaning that we have lost.

    Only time will tell what this burial actually means to the DoD and the White House.

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