The silent revolution

CHRISTIAN SKAUG 30.04.2011 at. 16.27

Document No. One of the most fascinating aspects of Oslo’s slow but sure transformation into a city with a foreign majority, is how it all happens fairly quiet, and with by far not everybody noticing it.

When it just became public knowledge that the majority of the city’s population will be of foreign origin well before 2030, and thus in majority among the younger half of the population – the future population in other words- long before that time, the news was received with more or less a shrug, a shrug whose effect was that the news did not get the reaction required for attaching itself firmly in the public consciousness.

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  1. I work wih Norwegians. They are adorable people in many ways – kind-hearted, educated, sincere, hard-working etc. But in this particular aspect Norwegians seem to have totally lost their self-preservation instinct. I asked them many times why they don’t address this problem, but they always (rather angrily) answered that nah, it’s not that bad, there are more important and urgent (economic, in their view) problems to be addressed first, etc. etc. I wonder, is it a kind of mental HIV they all have caught? The same can be said about almost all West-European countries, but Norwegians, due to their small numbers (around 5 Mio only), will certainly be the first European nation to disappear from the face of the Earth in modern times. There is so much lament nowadays about endangered species of flora and fauna (rightfully so, no sarcasm intended), – and behold, here is an entire (and wonderful!) nation facing its own extinction, but nobody seems to care?!!…
    For me it looks like on this issue (maybe on some others as well) Norwegian people have entirely lost they ability to tell right from wrong. Why did it happen? A religious person (like me) would say it’s because they abandoned the God. It would be interesting to know what kind of explanation atheists have.
    P.S. I’d like to have a link to the original document (in Norwegian language). The one provided here doesn’t work.

  2. People in the west want to point the fingers primarily at the tolerance the west has for diversity for this problem of demographics, yet the other side to this coin is that Muslim governments are rubber-stamping and financing immigration on a vast scale, knowing full well that many of the people who they let through are terrorists and silent jihadists.

    The flow of immigrants must not only stop at our borders, but the borders of the countries they come from.

    This is but one tactic that the leaders of Islam uses against the rest of the world. They realize that our compassion and our “love” of multiculturalism makes us an easy target for the spread of Islam through immigration.

    It is our soft underbelly that they are attacking. An underbelly that includes our laws promoting freedom of religion and freedom of speech with its attendant anti-hate laws and the willingness of the left to believe the lies that Muslim spread about “true” Islam.

    The real truth has never had it so hard. Not since the days before the invasion of Poland in September 1939 by Nazi Germany has such deceitful propaganda been believed by so many.

    But, as the founder of the death cult called Islam stated: “War is deceit” and the current flood of Muslim immigrants to the free world are a testament to that maxim.

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