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6 Replies to “More common sense at an EDL rally by British seniors.”

  1. The older generations remember learning about the long hard fight against Fascism and when patriotism was taught.

  2. The thing is, the Muslims don’t leave you a clear, clean path to a positive solution; there isn’t going to be a nice way to do this. Look at the history of the Israel/Palestine situation and it’s glaringly obvious that the Muslims don’t want there to be “nice” solutions to their problems. The Muslim paradigm calls for glorious victory for the Muslims and humiliating, bloody defeat for the enemy, not for some win-win solution out of a modern American business administration manual. If the British don’t start getting rude about it, the course has already been set and the end will be inevitable. They are going to have to march down the streets and face the tear gas and the water-canons and the accusations of racism and the billy-clubs and the death-threats and even the murders. I don’t really believe that the Brits are going to let their country turn into Pakistan, but the longer they wait, the nastier this thing is going to get.

  3. The idea of a nice clean solution is something the left started pushing after WWII, they and the useful idiots who listen to them talk about how we have to develop a peaceful way to settle international conflicts. They want the west to let the third world walk all over us so their socialist utopia can be created.

  4. The west needs more seniors like him.

    The UK government has to start worrying now that the message is getting to those who remember the Blitz and the aftermath. Seniors have two things that the average person does not: money (in many case, not all) and time. Plenty of time to rally against the sharia-loving UK administration all across the Kingdom. Plenty of time to organize effective anti-immigration lobbies. Plenty of time to let their grandchildren know what true patriots did when faced with a common enemy: fight!

    Islam is the enemy, Muslims are its soldiers and there is no compromise when we have to fight them. Just as they will either enslave us or kill us, we must make damn sure that they get the message LOUD AND CLEAR that we are now going on the offensive. Now that Bin Laden is dead (finally), we can begin the odious task of eliminating sharia’s influence in the free world.

    Only when we have totally assimilated, de-programmed or shipped back all Muslims will we have regained our countries from the invaders.

    Until then, its a fight on all fronts, economic, political and especially legal as Muslims try to overturn the common laws with sharia-compliant ones.

    We need more seniors like him who get the message that the EDL, PVV and all other anti-Islamic organizations are pro-western, pro-freedom groups who see a common and ancient enemy.

    May we all win the war against Islam.

  5. They also remember being taught to be patriotic and being taught the facts of history, things that work against the left.

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