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12 Replies to “Pastor Terry Jones stages protest at Dearborn City hall April 29 2011”

  1. ThevcUnited States of America has degenerated into a Divided States of Islamic America. What about my American Dream? American Nightmare? Or Islamic Dream ??

  2. Images are not so clear but I think most of the protesters are muslims the peaceful people. The place where you want to exercise your freedom of speech does not matter to them. They just want to shut us up.
    “Do not tell we want to steal your freedom or we will intimidate and threaten you. Violence is our way. Believe us. We will fight you till sharia law replaces your constitution.” We need to wake up and individually become protector of our freedom.

  3. It is good to see whites getting their act together. Terry Jones, from the Negroid Mongoloid Unity Front for Fighting Arabic supremacism, we salute you sir.

  4. Pastor Terry Jones is a modern-day crusader, a man not afraid to confront Evil Islam and its Fascist Freaks wherever they may be.

    May his heroic performance inspire many other people to do the same…

  5. They learned that tactic from the far left, at the 1964 Democrat Convention they threw baggies of urine and feces at the police, the police charged and the news media blamed the police rather then the rioters. The Moslems and their leftist allies will do anything including murder their own kids to make their enemies look like the villains.

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