Muslims surround Christian buildings in Cairo, Alexandria

This video was sent to me from the Copts of Australia facebook page…

The caption reads:

Subject: Egypt’s revolution hijacked by Islamists – Coptic Churches surrounded in Cairo and Alexandria after” Friday prayers

This just in from the person who sent me the video:

“they are surrounding our cathedrals in Cairo and Alexandria intimidating us and insulting our spiritual leader HH Pope Shenouda. They are insisting that we return a woman called “camilia shehata” who they are insisting is a Muslim when in actual fact she is a Christian who never converted to islam. IN the meantime up to 12 Coptic women have disappeared in recent weeks.”

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  1. This is another example of why the world is moving towards a major war, and the left and middle refuse to see what is happening.

  2. The religion of People with Nothing Else to Do worshipping a being who is threatened by a handful of Christians.

    The disease has metastasized. It’s already here, in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

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