Young street musicians apprehended, fined by Ankara police

This is truly a sign of increased Islamic rule in ‘secular’ Turkey. Music, like dogs, was despised by the peace loving war monger Mohamed so as Iran passes new laws which in essence force people to destroy their dogs, Turkey appears to be moving against music in public. H/T Proud_Kaffir for this article.

From Hurriyenet Daily News

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires

'The police could not figure out what procedure to follow. Later, one officer said, ‘I have just talked to my superior, have no mercy, fine them,’' Pank said.

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  1. Sharia like a cancer that grows slowly until discovered, weakening the body until it is too late. IMHO most of the young educated middle class Turkish citizens are quite content with their present situation and are not begging for ‘change’.

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