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6 Replies to “Iranian schools”

  1. Keep the videos coming. I’m missing your YouTube channel. Any news on when it’s going to be back up, or is it down indefinitely?

  2. Michael Im trying to figure out what to do about it. Meanwhile, on youtube I have a channel called, ‘bankorandotcom’ if you would care to subscribe, that would help. Also I have my own platform which is http://www.bankoran.com please check it out. I put up stuff there that youtube will not allow or that I think is critically important.

    Thank you for watching and caring. I am still in shock a bit over the loss of my main channel. I’m not even sure what to do at this point. But nothing will stop me from doing what needs doing if I have to draw pictures with crayons and walk around in the street with them.

  3. Interesting stuff. I never kew that about the school kids in iran. Iran is not wealthy though despite what this woman says. It does not have enough oil wealth. Its GDP per capita is only about 12 thousand dollars per person. What little oil wealth they have and (they have nothing else) is not going to go to far with a population of 70 million. Still I am glad she did not go on about the glorious civilisation claptrap. She did focus on the reality of Iran and not some fantasy. The only fantasy she did indulge in is the wealth one. Iran is not wealthy. Neither it appears is it educated. They only started using the printing press in the middle of the nineteenth century and now they use it to print stuff about islam. Still they are excellent propagandists.

  4. When the negroids and mongoloids attack Iran it will be finished. Mongoloid and Negroid Unity is the way to defeat the brown man of the desert. You whites have got your hands full with political correctness. Leave it to mongoloid and negroid unity to solve the problem for you. Remember Genghis Khan, he nearly destroyed Islam by himself but could not get the pope to help him with a common front as the pope wanted him to convert to christianity in exchange for help. Still if that alliance had taken place………………

  5. Finally, I would like to add that from what I can gather despite all the excellent propaganda about great civilisation, wealth etc Iran is an inbred third world coutry defeated by arabs and circumicised by arabs mentally and physically. From such a handling it is not amazing what they are doing. Propaganda is not a good subsitute for reality and they seem to have lived in a fantasy world of Islam and great civilisation propaganda for so long that when reality bites they retreat further into it. Obama has helped with his Cairo speech. Living in a fantasy world is not going to help. Now they have a messianic president who believes in the coming of the Mahdi. He is of a sect called the Twelver sect. So you see the problems with a “civilisation” which had nil impact on the world, with islam a delusional waste of time, with an inbred population which is not educated and waiting for the second coming and posting letters into a well for the Mahdi we have a group of people who are totally stoned on fantasy.

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