The portion worth paying attention to is the fact that Western immigrants to Denmark are net contributers to the Danish economy, while non-Western immigrants are a major drain. The question outside of further tightening immigration policies, is what to do about the immigrants and their descendants who are there to stay, seeing that they remain a drain on the economy? It appears to be the right “million Kroner question” to ask.  KGS

H/T: Frank Kitman

Tightening pay out to Immigration

By Orla Borg

Published at 27.04.11. 23:09

Tighten the Danish immigration policy has saved Denmark for five billion. lion in the past nine years. More tightening to come.

Denmark has saved 5.1 billion. a year on importing a foreign policy that is much tighter than before 2002.

According to a report prepared by officials from five ministries.

The five billion. per year is saved by, among other things, that there are now fewer foreigners from non-Western and more from western countries to Denmark.

Report as leverage

The report costs immigrants and descendants from non-western countries today the Danish society 15.7 billion. per year, while immigrants and descendants from Western countries contributing to the exchequer by 2.2 billion. DKK

Both the government and the Danish People’s Party will use the conclusion from the report to further tighten the rules on foreigners.

“As we now see that it does matter who is coming into the country,….

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  1. Not a blonde race as is commonly thought. There are no blonde races. Just myth. Spoke to someone from Denmark, a women and she confirmed it to me. Always thought that was the case. Still it is good to see the lies of the mc crowd being exposed. Here in the UK the biggest net contributers to the government and the richest immigrants by far are American immigrants. Though saying that I did meet one poorer american immigrant. In any case good for the dark haired bottle blonde nation of Denmark in getting their country in good shape to face the challenges of the future. Also know that the Danes are doing well on the reproduction front. Sadly in the UK we are always a bit racist to the poor Danes due to Shakespeare, “There is something rotton in the state of Denmark….. Wrong Shakey The Danes are doing OK!

  2. Islam and its programmed Zombies will be removed from the West. It is only a question of when…
    The very idea that Muslims could, or would, contribute anything positive to our civilised nations was ridiculous to begin with. They are nothing but trouble wherever they’re present in large numbers: vicious, intolerant savages whose aim is to destroy anybody and anything that isn’t Muslim.
    Their days are numbered !

  3. The Danes will save a lot more then money by ejecting Muslims. They will save lives, their freedom, the lives of their women, living standards, life style, and much more that cannot be quantified.

  4. The more the muzzies show the kind of behaviour they show on the streets the more the boiling point is becoming a reality in people’s minds.

  5. Richard the number of fighters for the counterjihad just keeps growing. Look at Terry Jones (we salute you sir), Wilders, Spencer, even Duh Swami blogging away tirelessly, all working hard and doing superb work. The numbers are growning and states in the US are seeing islam as a foreign legal system from the Middle east. They are legislating against Arab law, or foreign law to make it sound safe and nice from the muslim attention. The common man is getting educated and there does seem to be a change in the air or am I just imagining it.

  6. They are growing and growing quickly, the great unwashed masses are waking up, or to put it another way the sleeping giant is no longer failing about in his sleep but is semi awake. I hate to say this but the awakening was probably brought about by Obama, people started distrusting what they were told about him and this lead to the distrust of all of the PC declarations. The awakening/growth will accelerate when the world sees just what type of governments are being put in place in North Africa. This revelation is going to open a lot of eyes.

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