Sikhs attack each other with swords at temple. Queens NY

Wow I bet if Jews knew how much fun temple could be,more would go. Muslims take a lesson. It doesn’t always have to be high explosives. Sometimes you can show enough guts to face your irrational, religiously motivated, objects of hatred. From the NY Post:

I just had to do it.

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  1. It happens. In the UK I went on tour of the houses of parliement. Things are a lot better now but the distance between the opposing MPs was a duelling distance! Those were the days. Now it is just here! here! the right honourable gentlemen should know better than that. In Taiwan it still happens though. I have seen clips of parlimentarians beating each other. Disagreement is a terrible thing and in a place of worship of all places it is worse but that’s the good ol’ way when temperatures rise. I myself need to read a book on anger management it is failing of mine too. The rising levels of anger in society is no good to anyone. The problem with anger is that it is so sudden. I nearly lost my job once when all of sudden I was caught up in something. My other problem is procrastination and that is why I have not got that book on anger management yet. Problems, problems.

  2. Its time we acknowledged that these foreign religions bring with them a culture that is not consonant with the West, which though not practising Christian, is still formed by the culture of Christianity.

  3. DP111 we need to learn that the foreign cultures are not going to blend into the base culture unless we force them to, and then bring back the melting pot that made the US great.

  4. animals and we have the same lunatics here, take a drive through Surrey BC, not too much english spoken there anymore,
    This week all the leaders, including immigration minister Jason Kenny, all wearing those crackpot hankerchiefs on their heads, trying to get those extremists to vote for them (didn’t see Harper doing it, but that really would have made me cry, maybe it was Kenny who ‘took one for the boys team’ so to speak
    How outrageous these grown men stoop to this level, just to get votes,
    making themselves look totally ridiculous
    Why the hell don’t they wear eagle feathers and camp outside the reserves trying to get some votes there,
    Many many Sikhs like islamics are radicals and many are terrorists that have never been prosecuted in Canada for blowing up Air India and killing over 300 Canadians
    The sikhs who integrate don’t have to prance around with all their genital hair tied up in braids, carrying around weapons, ie, not to insult those who work for great causes like the computer man at EDL, sikh, but again, not an extremist
    My doctor, female seik and her husband just normal folks,,,so where are those ones,,,too bad more of them didn’t immigrate you dolt Kenny, get that rag off your head, win the election and prevent these radicals from taking over any more of this country than they already have done
    Educate the indians, north american and put them to work instead of bringing in more un employable brain damaged irriversibly from malnutrition refugees, which just increases our dumb pool,,, we have enough really really low genetic pools here already

  5. Benny Hill music– are you kidding me? OK, now it’s a little funny, but it’s so not funny.
    Know Islam, no peace. No Islam, know peace.

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