Italy now has demonstrations of Islamic primacy.

We see it spreading from France to Greece and now Italy. Maxime  Lépante for Riposte Laïque was kind enough to send me his original footage that he took of this event to edit into an English version. Please also check out Maxime’s site at

Please also check out Maxime’s videos at :

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7 Replies to “Italy now has demonstrations of Islamic primacy.”

  1. Wherever Muslims pray on the streets, they are telling us: “we own this street and will continue to expand Islam by going to more streets. See if you can stop us”.

    Its time that Islam be removed from the west and the free world. Hell, its time that it be removed period.

  2. Time for ITALY to kick their asses out..bunch of inbreds think they can take over where ever they go..:) GLOBAL JIHAD IS WHAT WE ARE UNDER!

  3. While the ME is in flames, we too are at war, internally and externally. The difference is that our idiot political elite continue to believe that there is no war within, and the enemy is really just a facet of misunderstood multiculturalism.

    There is no alternative but to remove all Muslims from the West, and Europe at the least, or we too will join the barbaric Islamic nations.

  4. Shalom we need to pray long and hard to teh GOD of the Bible for the conversion of muslims till then nothing is going to change, Christians in the M.E are being pushed out of their homes their Churchs being bombed they are being killed kidnappped force into convert to islam and all this in the name of ill-allah when will we wake up and smell the rottenes of islam

  5. You know, sooner or later, Western countries are going to have to come right out and ban Islam. It’s plain for anyone to see that Islam is a dangerous mind-control cult that is very industriously working toward our downfall. It’s OK to not like that. It’s OK to get mad and protest and shout back. Those Muslims in the video have no right to impose that “prayer” session on the Italian People; they are completely out of line for doing that. And God forbid Islam should start to prevail; that would be the beginning of the end of Human Civilization. Imagine…just one big Somalia from one rotten end to the other. Ah…the Islamic dream.

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