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7 Replies to “IED found on Brownsville highway overpass”

  1. Brownsville is a border town, this is probably some spill over from the Mexican drug war.

    I wish they would educated the reporters so they can talk about explosive devices and other weapons intelligently.

  2. True but there has already been stray bullets from battles in Mexico hitting houses in Brownsville, I will shave with Occum’s razor on this one.

  3. Islam and the drug lords are going to have a very cozy relationship in the near future.

    Both are dedicated to the overthrow of the laws of the land and both have plenty of cash to buy influence, businesses and weapons.

    Had the Muslim terrorists been KGB or SS agents, back in the day, then you can bet that the west would not have hesitated in treating them as enemy agents.

    The sad fact is that the Muslim populations living in the western world use our freedom or religion statutes and rights as crutches with which to undermine the west.

    And should the drug lords of Latin America get more firmly allied with Muslims, you can bet that all hell will break loose all over the world.

    If we don’t declare a Crusade against Islam soon as the Europeans did for many centuries, then we are truly lost.

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