EDL Demo for Blackpool May 28th

Our national campaign against the threat of radical Islam brings us to the seaside town made infamous by the gruesome murder of Charlene Downes.

Charlene disappeared in 2003, and evidence emerged that her body had been put through a mincing machine in a Blackpool Kebab shop – one of a number of takeaways in the town identified by police as a sexual exploitation ‘honey pot’.

Lancashire police botched the investigation into Charlene’s murder and paid the two defendents nearly £250,000 each in compensation.

Today, the kebab shop is still open and it is thought that over 60 Blackpool school girls have been the victims of grooming or sexual abuse by Muslim takeaway owners and workers.

The English Defence League, alongside Casuals United, will continue to support the Downes family’s fight for justice.

We will also continue to expose the hatred and intolerance that radical Islam is spreading in our country.

We will speak out against the Muslim sex gangs, against the politicians who cover them up, and against the religious scripture that does so much to inspire them. We DO NOT want this hatred in our country and we ARE NOT afraid to make a stand against it!

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  1. I pray the criminals will be caught and prosecuted but realize that after this long that is probably not going to happen.

  2. I doubt the British were evil minded enough to even create the necessary charges such as, forcing cannibalism on people. The day will come however when the English will hold their political class to account. I suspect reading French history would be wise for them

  3. This case is a shocking indictment of our judicial system. The fact that £250,000 in
    Compensation was awarded to the alleged perpetrators of this barbaric crime because of a
    technicality makes the situation even more obscene. A review of our judicial system is long
    overdue; getting rid of some of our politically correct, left wing judges would be a start.
    God bless the EDL for highlighting this injustice. May you grow from strength to strength.

  4. Demonstrations are no longer enough.

    When Cromwell took his concerns to an uncaring government, the only way to really reach them was through open revolution which ended up costing the English much bloodshed and ruin. The new government however was far worse than the excesses that they protested against.

    I’m afraid the people of the UK are in a very similar position when it comes to Islam and Muslims. School boards, public pools, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, the courts, the police, the NHS, the House of Lords, even the Church of England are siding with an age-old enemy that has no regard for human life.

    Its time for the Spirit of the Battle of Britain to rise up once again and remove the threat that is on the shores of the UK.

    Does the EDL have another Cromwell or another Churchill in their midst? That is the only question.

  5. @Eeyore

    I note with interest your reference to French history.

    It has long been my belief that such a ‘reckoning’ was an inevitability given our ruling elite’s misguided trust in their ability to fool all of the people all of the time.

    It is clear that they have invested a great deal time and effort, moderately successfully it has to be said, in establishing control over most of the media, including now through their Google instrument, the internet, in order to limit the general public’s access to and knowledge of events such as those which occurred in Blackpool.

    However, it will prove impossible to continue this cover-up exercise indefinitely, whatever their motivation for it might be.

    At some point, whether it is triggered by events within the UK, or as is looking more likely, unrest in one of the mainland European states, the general population will react.

    It is likely that at that time, to be perceived as one of the architects of our current situation, or as an enabler of the mechanics of its implementation, will be a very bad thing indeed.

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