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8 Replies to “Over 500 Taliban escape from Khandahar ‘prison’”

  1. I was converted in prison. I often dreamed of escaping and killing kuffar. Now it has happened with my brothers in Afghanistan. Now I am out of prison. I repeat the white man is keeping me down and it soothes me. Allah u Akbar!

  2. Hey! Fuzzy
    Come out of your hole we are waiting for yooouuu.
    We will help you join your imaginary virgins in your so called paradise.
    I have a question for you new con…verted. If your paradise in such a nice place, then what are you waiting for to cut your own throat? I see you don’t have the courage to do it yourself. Bummer. What to expect from people who believe in jinns.
    Fuzzy! I tried to get the jinn out of my house drain the other day, because one of your imam said they were hidding there and be careful not to burn them with hot water, to have my three wishes granted but it never came out. You know why? Because it does not exist. Get out of your hole and face us like a man.

  3. Fuzzy is just pulling our legs.

    The best leg puller I knew was on LGF many moons ago, an Aussie whose moniker was “Aisha”.

  4. You can never let the fox guard the hen house, just as you can never let the fox guard the fox display at the local zoo.

    In the first case, well you know what the score is on both counts.

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