Michigan Court Establishes “Blasphemy”-Free, No-Go-Zone for Islam

From Diana West

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, April 24, 2011 6:17 AM 

Writing  at The Corner, Nina Shea recaps the latest in the saga of Terry Jones, who has been trying to take a peaceful, non-flammable protest of sharia and jihad to the sidewalk outside the largest mosque in America in Dearborn, Michigan only to be outlawed by the Michigan District Court. Like all other envelop-pushing cases, this latest incident serves as a stress test of the rule of law in our society. And, like most other such envelop-pushing cases,  it proves that the rule of law is strong —  only the law that is strong is sharia (Islamic) law.

The Michigan District Court’s egregious ruling against Jones is all about protecting Islam from criticism, rather than about protecting criticism from Islam, which is what US jurisprudence, not to mention the American Way, demands. It is sharia that the US court is enforcing.

One particularly hideous aspect of the ruling bars Pastor Jones and his colleague Assistant Pastor Wayne Sapp from visiting the vicinity of this mosque for the next three years.

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13 Replies to “Michigan Court Establishes “Blasphemy”-Free, No-Go-Zone for Islam”

  1. The typical Arabic ‘furball” sound spoken with an American drawl will be hilarious to hear!

    To my American friends: you had a great country at one time, and I never thought that you would submit to Islam so quickly.

  2. Does the no-go zone apply to all Americans? If not, then please Americans, get to the sidewalk every day, force the hand of the court to spell out their position to you.

  3. Gee, I live in the Socialist Welfare State of Michigan and would like to know how to get my “Blasphemy”-Free, No-Go-Zone for Judeo-Christians. Isn’t that how it works now? No? Or is just another example of yeh for me, but not for thee? That good-old double standard that the ruling socialist elite hinge their multiculturalism and tolerance on which only swings one way right into your face. I guess we aren’t that much far behind the European Union as I thought we were. Oh, and thank you Michigan’s 19th District Court for not upholding, or even respecting, the Constitutional right to free speech, as in freedom to criticise and confront those people who don’t respect such rights. We, the American people have been betrayed again.

  4. This ruling is unconstitutional on several grounds, first it convicts the man for not committing a crime, and then forbids a non felon from going to a public place. I expect that this will be overturned on appeal (if it is appealed) and in my opinion Jones has a very good case of false arrest against the police, the prosecutor, the Judge and the City.

    We will have to wait and see what happens next but if Jones has the guts to go to the Mosque anyway his arrest will create a martyr and bring a lot of attention to the way we are losing our rights.

  5. I heard a good one from the Detroit News:

    “First Amendment expert Leonard Niehoff of the University of Michigan says Dearborn’s action amounts to a “Heckler’s Veto” — a scenario where all speech is silenced for fear of potential backlash.”

    That’s what it is, isn’t it? A “heckler’s vito”. In other words, you must not speak for fear of causing trouble, and I know that because I am the trouble. Forty years ago this would have been recognized as the “Brown Shirt tactics” of Adoph Hitler. Today, people have forgotten, some even think it’s a part of freedom of speech.

  6. Chris the left worked hard to dumb down the educational system so they and their allies could use the Brown Shirt tactics and still call their enemies fascists.

  7. In this case, the First Amendment has been destroyed and sharia law has won.

    So where are the Supreme Court and the White House on this one?

    Ignoring Easter and promoting Islam wherever it is openly and honestly criticized or opposed.

    The founding fathers are spinning in their graves, as are the late Presidents from Washington to Reagan, not to mention Martin Luther King, Jr. and all those who fought for freedom during WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, the US Civil War and those who fought the unfair taxation of tea imported to the colonies. In short, the courts have just overturned over two hundred years of US liberties.

    As an aside, had the pastor and his associate dressed for court instead of a biker rally, then the courts may have taken their civil rights more seriously. They should have dressed as their opponent seen in the back of the photo; like lawyers with plenty of money to back them up.

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