Danish report on treatment of women in Afghanistan today.

Add this to a few of the recent news reports and articles on Afghanistan and it makes one wonder, exactly what are we fighting for there, what are we paying for, what is the point? I will be uploading a video on the prison break of hundreds of Taliban through a thousand foot tunnel just in time for fighting season. Meanwhile…

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  1. Wasn’t there a news article just a day or so ago about President Karzai attempting to bring all women’s shelters (of which there are very few anyway) in Afghanistan under government control? If so, it would be a disastrous move for women there since we know how Islam is written into the constitution, and the Taliban still holds influence there.

  2. Sadly the Allies fighting in Afghanistan have missed the boat, missed the point and have let the Taliban/Islam win.

    Had the leaders of the western world truly understood that Islam is a political organization with deep roots and a mask of religion on top, they would have treated Afghanistan like the Allies treated Europe and much of Asia during WWII: as regions needing liberation from evil dictatorships.

    But they didn’t and history will show that the Taliban, al-qeda and other Muslim organizations around the world were victorious for a time against the weakened west.

    The Taliban, and all other organizations that fight jihad world-wide are the KGBs of Islam. They are the front-line guerrilla fighters in an ancient war that began over 13 centuries ago and has just stepped up a notch or two since 9/11.

    Its time that we force this understanding on the people of the free world. Otherwise what may be a temporary setback for the people of the 21st century in combating Islam may become permanent.

  3. The problem is that our political leaders refuse to learn that nation building is something that takes a large number of decades with us running everything, you can’t go in and fight like we have been and expect things to work out.

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