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8 Replies to “Nigel Farage compilation showing his predictions and how they played out.”

  1. I see the same game is being played by the EU that the US is also fielding here. The concerted effort to destroy national currencies so that the Globalist Citizens of the World can unveil the solution to this crisis. A single world currency controlled by them. I was reading stories about this a dozen years ago. Now their plans are coming to fruition. A single world court, the International Criminal Court at the Hague, and Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) such as the United Nations, WTO, and IMF, and their hundreds of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will soon result in a single governing body for their professed “New World Order”. Except there isn’t anything new about it. Neither was it ‘new’ when Hitler proclaimed it.

  2. Roopods6 their plans of destroying the worlds economy is working, what they are forgetting is that the socialist politicians in Europe and the US are coming under increasing criticism and will be unable to carry out their plans. Especially if/when the Middle East explodes into war and the Moslems in Europe start rioting because of the Israelis fighting back.

  3. You must realize that their main goal is to produce the chaos in order to justify a total takeover of these societies. You can see this happening in Egypt, Libya, Syria, …etc. ORDO AB CHAO, or order from chaos which is the synthesis they need to produce their NEW WORLD ORDER. I’m sure Nigel Farage knows all of this too. Until people are able to suppress and destroy the authorities attached to the chaos, there will be no peace.

  4. Joseph Stalin affirmed that….”Communism must confuse,disorganise and destroy free
    enterprise in trade and industry around the world. Communist policy is to be bring all
    nations together in a single world system of economy. It must force the advanced nations
    to pour prolonged financial aid into the under- developed countries, so destroying the
    Western economies built up during the Colonial era.” This would appear to be the policy
    adopted by the previous UK Government and embraced by the present administration.
    Despite this country being in severe financial trouble, we continue to send Billions of
    pounds in aid to countries around the world including Africa, EU, and Asia including China
    Nigel Farage is the only credible Party leader speaking up for Britain.

  5. I know, they are trying do to the same thing in the US, but what they are forgetting is that other people then their groups are getting ready for trouble. The left is in for a very big surprise once the chaos starts in the Western countries.

  6. You got that right Big Frank, the American public has a lot of tolerance for political screw ups and crooked politicians, but it does have its limits and they have been reached.

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