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14 Replies to “For your amusement: George Galloway desperately attempts to deflect from the program ‘Undercover Mosque’ by Dispatches”

  1. Galloway is typical of the leftwing muslim apologists that are sprouting everywhere. He has made a good living speaking and making excuses for the behaviour of for his muslim brothers! Scum there is no other word for Galloway. God bless you all for showing the world what this indiviual and his like are spouting in the defence of Islam. Happy EASTER by the way.

  2. We islamonegroes have been brainwashed by the Brown Arabs to do what they tell us. On the question of Galloway I agree that he is using typical ploys. The canard of the old testement is trotted out and up to nine or ten times it is asked show me a vicar or rabbi calling for the death of gays and no reply. We can now start formulating set answers to these set canards. Show me a vicar or rabbi…… is a classic response from a great interviewee who will not be bullied by slurs and aggression from Galloway.

  3. And isn’t the violence in the Bible mostly related to EVENTS contained in its stories, rather than COMMANDS TO MURDER like those we see in Mein Qurampf?

    I wonder what would go through Galloway’s head if he, like Italian neo-nazi Vittorio Arrigoni, were captured in arab-occupied Gaza by the nazis he loves so much, and later murdered by them. Would he scream “these people are all Jews” when his arab friends shot his pre-execution tape???

  4. What would Galloway say in such circumstance. Well it must be ok as it moral equivalence. It is in the Bible as well. These people killing me are no worse than the jews and christians. Come to think of it maybe they are jews and christians pretending to be muslims in order to give islam a bad name. On a final point here at our institute of negrofied field theory what would galloway do if he was put in a field with a hundred negro workers who were mad at the white man. The white man keeping us down. These lefties live in a dream world. Put them with their favourite people and they do not live they die. They need to test themselves in the environments of their favourite people. Arrigoni did just that and he died. Many leftie women go to Gaza and never return. Sometimes the white children you see in palastine are their children from forced marriages. Living in the west there is no need for the negrofiedfieldtheory or the muzzifiedfieldtheory……….. that way lies death. Better stay comfortabably in the studio doing interviews.

  5. Most lefties live in leafy subrubs far away from their muzzies and negroes and muzzie negroes. The negrofiedfiedtheory is a theory to them not a reality. I wonder where Galloway lives. You will notice even the muzzies do not want to live in muzzie countries. The muzzifiedfield is not for them. They run at top speed away from their muzzified countries. They always run away from them. Galloway lives here and in the west and spends his time running away from excellent ghettoes that would welcome him with open arms at the local kebab shop and mosque. He could even get a part time job there at the kebab and hang out with his muzzies at the mosque. Now that would be getting up close and personal. They may just ask him to convert and start cutting his penis. Lefties are only so far and no nearer. Any closer and that gets beyond their comfort zone.

  6. The lefties are a muzzie negroe’s best friend. I remember someone told me diamonds are a girls best friend. Not for the muzzie negro. Give me a George Galloway any day. I know we have been told by the arab to do and say certain things but on the Galloway front we let him off even if he is a white guy.The white man keeping the muzzie negro down! But not Galloway!

  7. Why is somebody invited for an interview on television, if there is no room for an answer? Why does the man bother asking the questions when he is not interested in hearing the response?

  8. You have to admire the man, he’s a completely utterly useless grovelling waste of oxygen, and he doesn’t see it. Even by the standards (the very poor standards) of the playtime left, he’s an embarrassment.

  9. Gallowswine is a primitive clown, a deranged creature like Niki Reilly, the guy who prematurely blew his bomb in a London toilet.

    He is a muzz, most definitely, since he was married to one.

    Won’t be long before he sports a zebiba, or puts a bomb in his underwear…..

  10. Galloway is a idiot and should be despatched to pali land. This muslim apologist doesnt want the other person to speak and wants to deflect the problem islam is.

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