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7 Replies to “Pastor Jones ambushed by Muslim hecklers.”

  1. Oh those peace and freedom loving muslims. They never fail to prove him right again and again. Great summary at the end!

  2. The Muslims just won’t believe they can’t have their way in everything. Pastor Jones is the calm at the center of the storm. He bravely stands alone. Reminds me a little of
    Martin Luther. He’s the American. They’re the enemies of America.

  3. “You need to do as I tell you, answer my question, I command you to do so because I have the right to an answer, I am an American so answer MY question.” It is in their nature and genes to invade and force themselves on others.
    If the journalists and some police officers would not have been there, they would have attacked him for sure. It was written all over their faces.

  4. I noted that the moslems hecklers were (not surprisingly) extremely irrationally aggressive, abusive and extremely rude. Those vile islamic hecklers just gave America a bad name.
    It is their typical islamic mob madness plus their islamic bad nature and bad genes to behave in such a disgusting manner against anyone that openly oppose their islamic supremacist delusion.

  5. Those people do not believe that American citizens, in their own country, have the right to assemble freely and to speak whatever is on their minds. Those Muslims do not believe in that principal and would obviously be attacking him if they could get away with it. Is Jones allowed to assemble freely and speak his mind freely in the US? Is that concept a thing of the past? They’d better think about this, because if they stop Jones from speaking, whatever their excuse, they’ll just stop the next guy and the next guy and so on. This is the end of the line. This is unbelievably important. I get my religion insulted on a daily basis and I just groan inwardly. If the Muslims can’t do the same, they are going to have to go and find a homeland somewhere else – Bangladesh, perhaps. Yeah, how about a mass-migration to Bangladesh?

  6. Chris Jones you have to remember that you are a lot smarter than this crowd. They do not even realise what a valuable thing free speech is. They are just clueless drones. As to the idea of going to Bangladesh that is cryptonite to a Bangladeshi Muslim. Bangladesh is third world country and they come to the first world and breath the first world air in order to speak against the very coutry that gave them breath, a place to stay and a place to eat their Allah Chicken. This is part stupidity and part ungratefulness. However, having said this I do know a lot of bangladeshies and most are in fact quite grateful to be in the first world. So it is a more complex picture, but I know what you mean and I am with you.

  7. JAP the left is working hard to ensure that they do get their way here, look at the people who are saying that this isn’t a free speech matter but rather inciting violence.

    This is another example of your not being able to buy advertisement of what our enemies are, they are proving that they are intolerant bigots.

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