Rich should be FORCED to help the poor, says Archbishop of Canterbury

For all those people cheering the words of Dr Williams. Ask yourselves if you would be so supportive had he suggested that all those unemployed and on benefits should be forced to work in hospitals, deliver meals to the old and indigent and sweep and weed the public streets and parks.

¬†Mail Online… The rich and powerful should be required by law to spend some time every year helping the poor and needy, says the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Rowan Williams said today a return to the medieval tradition when monarchs ritually washed the feet of the poor would serve to remind politicians and bankers what should be the purpose of their wealth and power.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 Today programme’s Thought For The Day slot, he said the Bible made clear it was the duty of the powerful to ensure ordinary people were ‘treasured and looked after’ – especially those without the resources to look after themselves.

‘What about having a new law that made all Cabinet members and leaders of political parties, editors of national papers and the hundred most successful financiers in the UK spend a couple of hours every year serving dinners in a primary school on a council estate, or cleaning bathrooms in a residential home?’ he suggested.

Alternatively, he said, they could walk the town streets at night as street pastors ‘ready to pick up and absorb something of the chaos and human mess you will find there, especially among young people’.Because the duty to serve would be compulsory, those involved would not be able to claim credit for doing it, he added.

Dr Williams acknowledged that it might just be ‘a nice fantasy to mull over during the holiday weekend’, but insisted that it could bring genuine benefits.

‘It might do two things: reminding our leaders of what the needs really are at grassroots level so that those needs can never again just be remote statistics, and reminding the rest of us what politics and government are really for,’ he said.

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  1. What a crock of Socialist crap! This is just more elitist pompous bluster, this time from an out of touch ‘religious’ leader.,instead of the usual B S from the bleeding heart liberals in the political class. Perhaps his Excellency is unaware of all of the funds confiscated from our hard earned wages by excessive taxation and dutifully handed over to the s0-called poor with little oversight or investigation. It seems that once on the dole little effort is made to better oneself especially when we the working men and women are paying all of the expenses.

  2. Let’s also give the Archbishop of Canterbury’s definition of his vague term for ‘rich’. It is anyone who has when compared to someone who does not. I’m sure he also ascribes to Rerum Novarum which justifies the remedy for a perceived need. If someone had something you need then just take it from them. So if you are envious of someone’s private property and you covet it than this is all the justification needed to take it. In order for there to be equity the poor must take by force, what the ‘rich’ have. Rowan Williams worships another christ other then the one found between Genesis and Revelation, and I don’t listen to anyone who prances around in their Dagon priest headgear spouting off Communistic diatribes. Yes, I’m sure he’d love for all of us to return to the medieval traditions such as having Feudal Lords rule over us peasants, and then his Church of England could become even more rich and powerful themselves. What a Nimrod!

  3. Forcing someone to give up part of their earnings so you can give it to another person is stealing, some one needs to explain this to the Archbishop.

  4. this crackpot has really bad eyebrows and is an appeaser of islam, so anything and everything he says and does is in question

  5. He is complete moron. It is hard to believe that the ruling classes in the UK are so stupid. He is truely thick. Reminds me of his buddy the islam loving Prince Charles. He is an imam and is complete fraud. What has he done about the halaisation of the meat industry in the UK. Nothing. He is so afraid of his own shadow lest he be called something bad. What a idiot. Noone can take such spineless man with two palaces seriously. Why not give up one of your palaces Head Imam of Britain.

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