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3 Replies to “Klaven on the Culture: Multiculturalism and Pastor Terry Jones”

  1. Who is this Andrew Klavan?!!!
    I found one more video which is even more awesome:

    Thank you, the creators of this website, for your work, I’ve learned a lot from your site since the end of last year (Duglas Murray and Michael Coren are now my absolute favourites).
    Special thanks for giving links to media in other languages, I’ve been bullying my Norwegian boss about islamization in Norway since the article in Aftenposten about 2 months ago (not that it has helped much to change his perspective, but the hope dies last)
    (also, when you give links, it’s especially interesting to read the Comments section under the original article, in order to find out what people in this particular country really think)
    Happy Easter to all of you, religious and atheists equally, God bless you all!

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