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6 Replies to “CBN exposes how now in London some sharia police begin to enforce Islamic laws by threats, violence and intimidation.”

  1. Sharia is enforced by threats, violence and intimidation? So it is enforced by a system of terror, just like it is everywhere people find themselves under Muslim rule. But make sure you blame those responsible for handing you over to your oppressors. Your government officials have betrayed you and are guilty of treason because of this. Until they are removed from their positions of power over you and replaced by people of strong enough character to remedy this it will only get worse.

  2. This is nothing new these tactics of shame, intimidation, and ‘religious Gestapo’ threats are the reason that most Muslims do not comment on the behavior of the radical Islamists. To do so woulds most certainly put ones elders and children into real harm. Even in the US if they go to the police all they get is the usual ‘lip service’, and a brush off from the no balls political class.

  3. EDL EDL EDL please parade through this area, calling all gays, trans, queens, ugly dykes, lesbians, working girls, teens, women in bikinis, march through these areas once a week, especially on their voodoo chant days

  4. Certain parasites in nature have the ability to control their hosts behaviour so that the parasites can breed and survive.

    This is precisely what the Muslim populations living in the free world are now doing.

    The analogy is more than apt, it is exact.

    What we need is a sort of “medication” to prevent such things. Perhaps the EDL is one type of “vaccine”.

    What we really need is something a little more potent.

    Something as potent as what the Muslims are planning for us.

  5. As I have stated before there is going to be civil war throughout all of Europe, and while I expect the Europeans to win in the long run it is going to be a bloody war.

  6. Preach:

    Let me tell you someting about brown people. Let me tell you something about brown circumcised Men. Let me tell you something about muzzie Men. They are slaves of arabs and arabs are slaves of Mohammad the peadophile prophet. Slaves are what they are, they are without honour. They are slaves of a White Arab. They are racially enslaved by the white prophet of islam. He never enslaved his own people the whites. They are free and will remain free. Say it loud and clear the White race will not be enslaved. The brown enslaver will fail and eat his Koran in the humilation heaped upon him by the Noble born race of free men.

    The style of the first three lines was inspired by the Honourable Pastor James Manning a black preacher from Harlem. Indeed the whole passage is inspired by his style of preaching.

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