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5 Replies to “Canadian stand-up comic loses suit launched by drunken lesbian heckler; $22,000 awarded for ‘hurt feelings’”

  1. How do you spell the dyke, the ones who pretend to be guys and dress really really bad, those ugly women who need injections of estrogen? Some even have male pattern baldness

    How long are intelligent Canadians going to put up with these communist fascistic lunatics in the kangaroo courts in Canada

    Faggot, dyke, the country of niger, is that spelled with one g or two, islamic pigs, thats an oximoran, or maybe just a moron

  2. If Political Correctness is allowed to continue and fester on its present course, it will make Canada unliveable.
    Canadians must oppose that insideous construct and its evil practioners with everything they got.
    Free speech and the ability to insult, and be insulted, should be an inalienable right in a democratic society- without governmental interference…

  3. The entire point of comedy is to laugh at ourselves and be done with it.

    Those without a sense of self-reflection will never have a sense of humour. They cannot look at themselves with a critical eye.

    That really explains a lot about Muslims, doesn’t it?

  4. The left and the Moslems don’t have the ability to laugh at themselves, and thus are doomed to remain perpetually angry.

  5. Kudos to Ezra Levant for first exposing this one (years ago)!

    It’s not like Ezra didn’t already trash their (lack of) “reasoning” on this very case in his book, “SHAKEDOWN!”

    So there’s no excuse at all for their willfully blinded, pretense of ignorance & self-selling victimology!

    Now – how to best go about abolishing these “Human Rights Court” abominations?!

    These anti “Hate Speech” and alleged “rights to not be offended” notions seem to come from our screwy education system (thanks for nothing, John Dewey!) which promotes the child-abusing ideals that: “all facts are only opinions anyway, so you deserve the right to (unearned) “self-esteem” above all objective, factual truths! Whee!”

    “Hate” is only the natural human response of perpetual anger to ongoing injustices; without it, no one would bother trying to indict criminals nor to improve society by contesting outrageous imbalances in the first place!

    When you try to make HATE a CRIME, you only make it “illegal” to HATE


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