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3 Replies to “Another TV clip on Islam in Belgium. Undercover in ‘little Morroco’”

  1. The “extremist ideas” she refers to are taken right from the Koran. What does she expect? As long as they honor the Koran, Muslims will be thinking “extremist ideas”. Trying to rid Islam of “extremist ideas” is a lost cause.
    BTW, I remember seeing this feature on DWTV about 2 (I think) years ago. It’s probably much worse now.

  2. NO surprise here, as the Muslim population grows so do all of the headaches, violence, and radicalization of the young adults.

  3. I note that the anchor/news reader is mistranslating Dar al Harab (sp?) calling it the non Islamic world rather then the real translation, the House of War. As far as the rest of the report goes it looks like a no go area is being created by the Moslems.

    The end of the report is more evidence of a coming civil war in all nations.

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