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19 Replies to “Russian immigration policies differ from the West”

  1. I wouldn’t treat them with brutality like that, but Russia is trying to maintain their borders. What isn’t mentioned is that the Russian border guards and the police will take bribes from anyone to let them into the country, in this case the immigrants are black and can’t hide in the population.

  2. Correct, Russia has the best border guards and customs officials the ‘money’ can buy. Some things have changed in the former Soviet bloc, but old habit$ die slowly.

  3. Oh my. Did you hear what that Federal Migration Service guy said? Now that’s racism. Imagine if you heard a big Canadian bureaucrat say that, about preserving the White Race? Why do they take refugees at all if that is how they feel about it? I would say that if your skin is not white, you don’t want to be in Russia right now.

  4. Immigration is a major problem, and while the Russians are talking the racist talk, the alternative is much worse–just go to England or Europe. Even here in Israel we are being inundated–I myself have been forced to move because my once quiet area has become dangerous–I can’t leave the house in the evening or even risk working late, because of illegal thugs bullying people on the streets. And for the record, most of these illegals are Muslims–yet no Muslim country will take them–go figure. Those who scream to open the borders go home to their own safe neighbourhoods. They don’t have to deal with what the rest of us are stuck with–yet.

  5. Dear European friends,
    You have absolutely no clue about what life looks like here in Russia. For great many Russians, the asylum accomodation that video shows is nothing short of a paradize. In rural areas people mostly live without running water, without gas. Most Russians won’t be able to understand what the black guy is complaining about, because the conditions they live in are much, much worse and there’s no hope for improvement in sight!

    Besides, this asylum thing in Russia is the purest hypocrisy from the part of our authorities. Our state doesn’t have enough resources (or at least we are told so) to provide even minimal necessities for our own “interior” refugees, that is, people who want to flee from the dangerous regions on North Caucasus and ethnic Russians fleeing from murderous regimes in the former Soviet republics. It’s just showing-off intended for Westen governments to click in the right box of the questionnaire “Can Russia be considered a full-fledged member of the Western (democratic) society or not ?”

    Whereas for anybody with grey cells the answer to this question is big NO. Democratic categories, virtues and perceptions do not work here. Strangely enough, in this particular case it’s a blessing – we are not as overflowed with barbaric hordes from the 3.rd world as you.

    And you know what. Looking at what Europe (and possibly other Western countries like US and Canada) are doing to themselves by implementing democratic and humanitarian principles in this refugee issue (= very effectively killing their culture and civilization as well as eradicating their original population) , I started having my doubts about whether we should strive for democracy at all. If it is such a self-destructive thing in the long run.
    From Russia – with love and all due respect,

  6. Nina, thank you for the insight, while I have not visited Russia, I have been in many Eastern European nations. It is true life in many former Communist governed countries is harsh and a daily struggle for many, food, energy, and basic needs are very expensive, and out of reach for many. During my stays I help my friends cut many cords of wood to heat their homes, natural gas is expensive ans power failures are common in the very cold winters. There is a reason that 3rd world folks flock to Western Europe. The very liberal welfare state hands out benefits that are so generous there is little incentive but to be a parasite and live on the dole for life. IMHO no one should starve but even here in the US I”m sick of those who will not work, and scoff at us while we toil at our jobs to pay their way.

  7. Thank you Nina. You have a lot to say; things I would not have thought of. If I were to tell you what we do with refugees in Canada, I think you would have a heart attack and die on the spot, so I won’t. OK, I’ll give you a clue. How does five thousand dollars, tax-free cash money on day one sound? Easy, Nina. Sit down, have a glass of water. You make some very good points, especially about how gutless we are making democracy look.

  8. I’ve read that the white race is shrinking, while other races are increasing in numbers.
    We have the right to defend our race, as others defend theirs. Without the whites the world will fall into a dark age.

  9. Chris, How many Canadians had to struggle and toil at their jobs just to hand over that five grand to a ‘Refugee”? once on ones’ feet if they gain employment they should pay the government back for the generosity and the privilege to live in freedom in Canada .

  10. How many don’t even try to get on their feet? From what I hear a lot just move onto the welfare rolls and think they are having the good life.

  11. Russia is richer than most of the third world. The world’s number one is oil and gas. In fact this does seem to be a propaganda movie to tick the boxes but we can see that Russia is not dealing with the propaganda from the screaming brown hoardes down south well. I mean the Chechans. Though they are white they are every bit slaves as we brown death to america types here in Iran. What the chechans need is a dose of white supremacy to get them out of this arab supremacy that has enslaved mainly the brown race (except of course india which does not give a shit about arabs) and bits of the white race mainly the bosnians and chechans. White supremacy is the antidote for arab supremacy as far as the chechans and bosnians are concerned. It works as it is vital and has history on its side though as one matures one sees things in a more humane way and softens ones views in one’s maturity and takes a broader view of humanity with humanity. One can afford to so so then. The west certainly can and this is its downfall. What is needed is a good dose of old fashioned white supremacy to put things right.

  12. Dear Chris Jones,
    (Your comment about five grands on day one will spoil my upcoming Easter holiday! 🙂 Honestly, I never had such an amount in one go in my WHOLE LIFE, that is, during 30 years of hard working and holding two jobs during the past 10 years)
    Let me tell you a story about successful immigration/intergration/assimilation. I heard it from a friend of mine living in Finland now.
    As you know, prior to WWII USSR invaded Finland and bit off a large (and most fertile in terms of agriculture) piece of Finnish territory. As a result, by the time Mr Gorbatchyov came to power there were certain number of people with Finnish roots living in North-West of USSR.
    In the early years of perestroyka (=late 80’s- early 90’s) the Finnsih government launched a special program granting to these people (they were called “inkerilaiset” or Ingrian Finns) the possibility to come to Finland and to master some job in the field there had been by that time some deficit of workforce (with the further possibbility to get a work permit and stay and work in Finland for some time) . There were some strict and harsh conditions set: the government partly sponsored their training, but only partly, they were obliged to take up one of the jobs from a certain list in order for the rest of the expenses to be paid (=accomodation, food etc). My friend picked up the job in a cowhouse. She had to get up very early in the morning, milk cows etc., then she went to her classes, after classes – back to the barn again, and before going to bed she had to memorize 50 Finnish words (the rule she invented herself, to make sure that she masters the language as soon as possible).

    To cut a long story short, she’s a Finnish citizen now. This citizenship cost her a lot of sacrifice and hard work. The result – she is more loyal to this country than some ethnic Finns are. She has married a Finnish citizen and speaks only Finnish at home, even with her kid (something I don’t quite agree with her, but still).

    The right to live and work in countries better than yours must be DESERVED, not granted.

    My vision of the today’s situation in Europe (never been to US or Canada, but travelled a lot thru Europe) is: people who had made life in their own countries (Somalia etc) a complete mess, now came to make the same mess of your countries, and that living on your expense! And you European aboriginals are welcoming them in!!!
    What a MAD, MAD, MAD world.

  13. Nina,

    Now I’ll try to spoil your summer as well as your Easter. The immigrants know that we have a small reproductive rate and that we think we need extra people to fill jobs and to pay retirement-taxes, and now they are starting to get the idea that they are doing us a favor by coming here at all. I’m not kidding! I’ve heard people express these thoughts on the radio – they all know about it. And since they are doing us a favor by immigrating, here’s a list of things we want changed, and be quick about it!

  14. You know, the one common thread in all this immigration “debate” is that the problems all come from Muslim countries and from Muslim immigrants who want sharia law enforced and to destroy the free world.

    This common thread needs to be addressed properly before we go on.

    By properly I mean we need to arrest, deport and otherwise contain those who would undermine the cultures, laws and civilization of their host countries.

    Its analogous to what the body does with viruses, bacteria and parasites. Why can’t we do the same thing?

  15. The thing is, whether you be left-wing politician or capitalist land-developer, large amounts of immigration equals big profits to you. It’s as simple as that; it’s an “unholy alliance” – and those are next to impossible to break. As far as I am concerned, the only really important thing that has to happen in Canada is for that immigration tap from Pakistan and Somalia and other Muslim counties to be shut off immediately. As for the rest, it can take care of itself, but the Muslim immigration numbers could lead to terrorism and eventually civil war. This is way more important than the HST or West Nile Virus or even hockey fights.

  16. She is a stupid racist and a nobody who want to make a name of herself . it is stupid even to give her any attention, she can explain her stupid idiologies to other racists like you

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